Who Is the Best Moving Company in DC?

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Who Is the Best Moving Company in Washington, DC?

Who Is the Best Moving Company in DC?

When it comes to relocating, most people only want to hire the best of the best to transfer their belongings safely and efficiently. Those who are moving within the Washington DC area may want to know what to look for when hiring the most professional and reliable moving company. The process of moving can be stressful enough, so the last thing someone wants to deal with on top of that is a flaky and unorganized moving company. Rest assured, here is some information about the qualities to look for when deciding who is the best moving company in Washington, DC.

Q: How do I know the estimate provided is a fair price?

A: A reputable professional moving company will ask for an inventory of your items to determine the size of your move. The biggest factor of the price is based on the weight of your belongings and how much space will be taken up in the truck. If a moving company doesn’t ask questions about the amount and type of items that need to be hauled and transported, you may want to look elsewhere.

Q: What if the company requests a large deposit?

A: Unfortunately, there are plenty of scammer companies out there that are only interested in making a buck. Reputable movers won’t demand that you pay cash beforehand or submit a large deposit prior to moving day. In fact, you only should pay upon delivery. If you send the company a payment in advance, you can lose control as the customer. The company may show up late or cancel last minute, and then you have to fight for your money back.

Q: Is it okay that I ask for references from the moving company?

A: Absolutely! A professional moving company should be prepared with a list of references. If the moving company is not able to provide you with customers in the Washington DC area within the last year or so, that could be a red flag. Perhaps the company is new and hasn’t gotten enough clients yet, or they offer poor services and don’t have any customers that they know for sure will give them a positive review.

Q: Should I be concerned about extra hidden fees?

A: If you live in a two-story house or on a high floor in an apartment, notify the company when you are exchanging information. A reputable Washington DC moving company won’t charge you hidden fees without telling you. But, if you aren’t forthcoming with any extra labor that is involved with moving your items, you may have extra fees to deal with when you get the final bill.

Q: What if a Washington DC moving company representative wants to do a walk-through?

A: A representative from the moving company may ask to do a walk-through of your current home to get a better idea of what kinds of items need to be moved. This is a good sign, as this means the company wants to ensure they are prepared with tools, equipment, and an appropriately sized moving truck so all your belongings can be transported with ease.

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