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Maryland Intrastate Movers

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Moving in Maryland doesn’t have to be a challenge. Yet many people struggle with the moving process, even if they’re not crossing state lines. A do-it-yourself move in which you’re packing, transporting, and unloading by yourself can take hours, even if you’ve moved in the past.

Suburban Solutions is here to offer a stress-free, efficient, and affordable moving journey. We’re considered the best Maryland intrastate moving company because we provide comprehensive intrastate moving services. Here’s what you should know about us.

What Is a Maryland Intrastate Move?

An intrastate move in Maryland is a long-distance move that takes place inside Maryland. It’s usually over 100 miles from origin to destination. If you’re driving less than that, you can hire Maryland local movers. If you’re transferring out of the state, you can hire Maryland long-distance movers

Some people confuse an intrastate move with an interstate move. An interstate move occurs over state lines, regardless of how long the relocation is. Some Maryland intrastate moving companies use the terms “in state move” or “statewide move,” which are synonyms for “intrastate move.” 

People need Maryland in state movers for several reasons. Some people like living in their state but want to reside in a different city or county, like a metropolitan area or a suburban community. Many people move for work, while other people move to purchase affordable real estate or attend a good school. You can also move to be closer to your family, live on your own, or start a new family. 

Whatever your reason is for traveling in Maryland, you should always hire a licensed Maryland intrastate moving company. Maryland requires all movers of household goods to hold licenses and be registered with the state government. The Maryland Department of Labor regulates Maryland in state movers, so check with them to see if the Maryland intrastate moving company you want to hire is fully licensed. 

Suburban Solutions can perform any intrastate move, including popular relocations like:

How to Move Within Maryland With Suburban Solutions

The best way to move within Maryland is to hire an experienced and full service intrastate moving company. So, what services you should receive, and how can intrastate movers work for you?

Suburban Solutions assigns a dedicated moving coordinator who can handle the entire moving process from start to finish, including selecting a move date and planning moving logistics. Our top team of Maryland intrastate movers can deliver packing materials to your residence and pack your boxes for you. We can disassemble your furniture for easy transportation and move all of your items out of your house using dollies, carts, and other tools. 

We will load your items onto our modern and spacious trucks and drive them to your new home. Once we’re there, we’ll unload your belongings, carry them into your place of residence, and assemble everything in their new spaces. Our Washington DC intrastate movers can unpack your boxes and arrange everything to your liking, including furniture and kitchen appliances. 

Hiring a Maryland intrastate moving company will ease your mind and save you time. Maryland intrastate movers work efficiently and have the training and expertise to perform a move in less time than you can. We use the best packing and moving materials, and we follow a fool-proof procedure to take care of everything you own. 

We will protect your furniture, floors, and doors with shrinkwrap and other resources, and we perform all the heavy lifting so you don’t injure yourself. If you need additional services like moving help, we’re happy to provide them to you at affordable rates. You will avoid the hidden costs of do-it-yourself moves and enjoy a stress free moving journey.

Our Moving Services

No job is too big or small. We specialize in both apartment moves and large single family moves. We service Philly, Delco, Monto, Chester and Bucks County! We also are regularly in DE and NJ

We understand that moving into a senior facility requires an extra level of care and patience. We have work regularly with Senior Move planners and understand how to best cater to Seniors

Getting prepared and packed is often the most stressful part of a move. Let us handle it and box up the contents of the home a day or two before the movers arrive

Whether we are packing for a customer or not, we can still provide all the boxes, tape and paper you need to prepare for moving da


No final destination yet? We can store your items in our warehouse or arrange for a third party self storage facility for you.

How Much Is a Maryland In State Move?

The cost of your Maryland same state moving services depends on a few different factors. The distance between your old and new residences is a significant one. If your Maryland in state moving company has to travel a long distance or spend a long time on the road, you may pay a higher price. You will also have a higher estimate if your belongings are very heavy or tricky to move. If you’re bringing your entire home with you, you may need to pay extra. 

Some Maryland in state moving companies charge higher rates for relocations during weekends, holidays, or peak seasons. You will also need to pay for additional services like packing and labor-only assistance. 

Suburban Solutions charges affordable and flat rates for all Maryland intrastate moving services. You can always contact us for a transparent and free moving estimate, unlike other in state moving companies that charge to use a calculator. We can conduct a virtual survey, examining your items using videoconferencing software and figuring out how much it will cost to move them.

Choosing the Best Maryland Statewide Movers

Many Maryland statewide moving companies are in business, and it can be tricky to pick one statewide mover to hire. You should examine Google and Yelp reviews, looking at the average star rating and comments left by various customers. You should also visit the website for each Maryland statewide moving company, examining how long the mover’s been in business and how many moves they’ve made. 

Make sure that the statewide mover is fully licensed and insured and has the necessary pieces of equipment for a statewide relocation. The mover’s trucks should be brand-new and properly maintained, with enough space for all your items. The trucks should have standard tools like straps, dollies, furniture blankets, and extra boxes.

The crew of a Maryland statewide moving company should have training in each step of the moving process and years of experience with the company. They should have extensive training in preparing furniture, moving boxes, and disassembling and reassembling bulky items. They should work together well and move your items in teams to avoid problems. 

Once you’ve looked at several Maryland statewide movers, you’ll find that Suburban Solutions is the best Maryland statewide moving company. We have served over 5,000 customers, including hundreds of Maryland residents who needed statewide moving services. We have over 100 Google reviews with an average star rating of 4.6. We have nearly a decade of experience in the moving industry, and we maintain a 98% customer referral rate. We have a less than 1% insurance moving claims rate, and we are a fully licensed and insured Maryland statewide moving company. 

We use dedicated and modern trucks for intrastate moves, and the same driver stays with you the entire time. We can pick up your items in less than two hours and go anywhere within the state. We offer all the services you need, including packing and piano moving, at affordable prices. 
Suburban Solutions is the most dependable Maryland intrastate moving company. We can help you resettle in any part of the state at affordable rates and in less time than other Maryland intrastate movers. If you’re looking for a free estimate from a reputable in state mover, call 301-928-8669, and we’ll give a transparent quote today.