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Pennsylvania Intrastate Movers

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Looking for a full-service company to handle your Pennsylvania intrastate relocation? Moving industry jargon can sometimes be confusing, so allow us to explain what an “intrastate move” is.

An intrastate move is distinct from both an interstate move and a local move. Essentially, it is a relocation that begins and ends in state, but extends over the 50 mile range more typical of local moves to accommodate any location statewide. Interstate moves, meanwhile, are moves that take place over state borders, regardless of how far movers must travel to reach their destination. As intrastate moves are distinct from local moves, they do not charge like local moves do.

If you’re looking for a professional Philadelphia intrastate moving company, you’ve come to the right place! Suburban Moving’s team of intrastate movers has the skills, tools, and experience to handle your relocation with ease and grace. We’ll save you time, money, and stress!

Suburban Moving’s service area covers not only Philadelphia, but the entire Philadelphia metro area.

Why Are People Using Philadelphia Intrastate Moving Companies?

Why do many choose to employ a 5-star Pennsylvania intrastate moving company? The reasons are diverse, and as numerous as there are prospective movers!

Some choose to move to different areas of a state due to cheaper cost of living, which could be achieved by moving out into the countryside. Others might move towards urban centers for better job opportunities, or perhaps because they have some employment lined up for them. Quality of life, like more amenities and attractions in a certain area, also causes many to move intrastate. Older individuals may downsize their homes or move to different areas for health reasons. Others still move intrastate to be closer to family. No matter what reason they choose to move for, all will be well served with a crew of intrastate relocation movers at their side during the process!

Top Reasons to Hire A Philadelphia Area Intrastate Relocation Company

The team at Suburban Moving wagers there’s few people doing do-it-yourself moves over distances of 50+ miles – but if you’re thinking about it, we think you should strongly consider hiring a crew of professionals and letting them handle it instead!

The primary benefit of trustworthy Philadelphia intrastate movers is stress relief. Moves are always stressful, and those that take place over long distances are doubly so. They also save significant amounts of time, and can deploy a wide variety of helpful tools to help you! 5-star intrastate movers will also make the process safer, protect your belongings as they are moved in and out of locations, and provide quality materials for packing and protection.
Suburban Moving’s suite of services also includes storage through affiliates, decluttering and downsizing assistance, and assembly and disassembly of furniture. Finally, the most valuable thing a team of professional movers provide is expertise and experience.

Our Moving Services

No job is too big or small. We specialize in both apartment moves and large single family moves. We service Philly, Delco, Monto, Chester and Bucks County! We also are regularly in DE and NJ

We understand that moving into a senior facility requires an extra level of care and patience. We have work regularly with Senior Move planners and understand how to best cater to Seniors

Getting prepared and packed is often the most stressful part of a move. Let us handle it and box up the contents of the home a day or two before the movers arrive

Whether we are packing for a customer or not, we can still provide all the boxes, tape and paper you need to prepare for moving da


No final destination yet? We can store your items in our warehouse or arrange for a third party self storage facility for you.

Cost of Hiring A Philadelphia Intrastate Moving Company

Regardless of the type of move being undertaken, you’ll find that no two moves cost the same. The price of a Philadelphia intrastate relocation, just as with any other move, is variable, and dependent on different factors.

Suburban Moving does not charge flat rates for our long distance moves, which intrastate moves typically fall under. This means that our company charges hourly for intrastate moving services. A confluence of other factors can also influence cost, like distance traveled, number of men required, and so on.

Moves of this kind are quoted per job. The most accurate method to determine what you may end up paying for your particular situation is to contact Suburban Moving by phone, or fill out our web form, for a completely cost-free quote. This will allow us to give you an accurate estimate of your final bill in short order.

Choosing the Best Pennsylvania Intrastate Mover

Like any relocation over long distances, a Pennsylvania intrastate move must be handled by trained and experienced moving crews if it is to go smoothly and quickly. If untrained or amateur crews are put in charge, intrastate moves can quickly turn into unmitigated disasters.

To ensure you are hiring a full-service company that will handle your statewide moving job well, we recommend that you first check Google and Yelp reviews, and see that they are up to snuff. Check their licensing and insurance, ensuring that they are filed correctly and up to date. See how long they’ve been in business, and look into their claims rate.

With all this research done, it should be clear that Suburban Moving is unparalleled when it comes to excellent Pennsylvania intrastate moving services! We have a 98% referral rate, less than 1% claims rate, and have served over 5000 customers! More than a decade of experience is vital to making moves easy, smooth, and fast for our many clients. Our 5-star Google reviews speak to our professionalism and punctuality!

Suburban Moving is proud to service Philadelphia and the entire Philadelphia metro area.

No matter what kind of relocation your situation requires, the Philadelphia intrastate moving experts at Suburban Moving are ready to help! You won’t regret taking on our top-rated and well-trained Philadelphia moving crew for your job! Call now at 610-314-6868 or fill out our form for a free quote!