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Apartment Moving Services in Philadelphia with Suburban Solutions

Getting ready to change apartments in the Philadelphia area? Despite having less space to accumulate fewer belongings than the average house, apartment moves present unique challenges compared to single-family home relocations.

When you move in or out of an apartment building it requires more planning. For example, you have to take into consideration things like the location of the parking lot, parking garage, service entrance, and loading dock, if there is one. The specialized local Philadelphia apartment move also must consider whether movers have access to an elevator or stairs wide enough for your belongings, if items need to be hoisted over a balcony, or what time of day you’re allowed to move according to building regulations.

Because your apartment or condo move requires specialized experience, you shouldn’t trust the job to just anyone! Suburban Solutions is one of the best apartment moving companies in Philadelphia! Our specialists know how to navigate the challenges of the task while giving you a stress-free experience that will have you sleeping in your new apartment the same night you relocate.

Top Reasons for Hiring Professional Philadelphia Apartment Movers

Whether you’re relocating a studio apartment, one, or two-bedroom apartment, you’re bound to have fewer belongings compared to a single-family home. This can make you believe the relocation task is easier, but don’t be fooled! Moving people in and out of apartment buildings is actually more challenging than the typical single-family house relocation!

Trying to do the apartment relocation yourself is harder than it seems at first because you will likely underestimate the number of trips you need to make back and forth between your apartment and the truck – and maybe your building has restrictions, too. Of course, all of those challenges are in addition to the long hours or days spent packing everything and then having to physically lift and transport it out of the apartment.

In addition to reducing your stress and taking care of the physical labor and heavy lifting side of your relocation, experts understand the long list of unique obstacles associated with moving an apartment:
At Suburban Solutions, our local apartment movers in Philadelphia have extensive training and experience to handle your relocation promptly and without complication or damage. We work within the building restrictions and regulations to follow all move-in and move-out rules.

Maybe it’s possible to do it yourself, but is that really how you want to spend your weekend? Wrapping and packing each item, carrying it out, loading the truck, driving it all to the new place, and then starting over to unload and unpack! Professional apartment movers in Philadelphia can handle local relocations in a single day and they show up ready to go with supplies, tools, and the experience necessary to get it all done fast.

At Suburban Solutions, our local apartment movers in Philadelphia have extensive training and experience to handle your relocation promptly and without complication or damage. We work within the building restrictions and regulations to follow all move-in and move-out rules.

While our team does a lot, we can’t do all of the prep work for your upcoming relocation. Here’s an apartment moving guide to make your life easier and to guide you through what needs to be done to prepare for the moving team. We also suggest taking a look at this apartment move-out cleaning checklist to increase your chances of getting your deposit back.

Philadelphia Apartment Moving Requires Specialized Training & Equipment

Apartment relocation professionals do more than save you from physical injuries. Reliable apartment moving services require access to specialized equipment and supplies, and extensive training.

When you hire Suburban Solutions, a background-checked, thoroughly trained crew arrives on-site with all the necessary supplies needed to prepare your apartment, finish packing your belongings, and expertly load the truck to protect everything during transport.

Some of the specialized equipment used includes:
Along with having access to all of the necessary equipment at their fingertips, Suburban Solutions ensures our Philadelphia apartment movers have the expertise and training required to get you relocated quickly and efficiently.

How Much Does a Philadelphia Apartment Move Cost?

How much does it cost to move a two bedroom apartment in Philadelphia? That’s an impossible question to answer until we have all of the facts and details surrounding your relocation. The cost of hiring apartment movers depends on several factors, including:
Suburban Solutions offers apartment moving services in Philadelphia at a competitive hourly rate with no hidden expenses. Give us a call for a personalized quote.

How to Choose the Top Philadelphia Apartment Moving Company

When choosing a moving company for apartments in Philadelphia, take the time to research the company to ensure you’re hiring professionals with experience and a track record of providing exceptional customer service. You should select a company that is licensed and insured, because even if your apartment building doesn’t require it, that is the key to avoiding major problems with your relocation!

Second, look into the company’s customer reviews, how many years of experience they have, and whether they have a low claims rate.

Suburban Solutions has a great reputation and is known as one of the best Philadelphia, PA apartment movers. We have nearly a decade of experience, have served over 5,000 customers, and have an extremely low claims rate under 1%.

Let us help you! Get started by calling us at for a free apartment moving estimate at ​​301-928-8669 or fill out the online form for a quote.

Ready for Help With Your Apartment Move In Philidelphia?

Need help you need with your upcoming transition? Call the trusted Philadelphia senior movers at Suburban Solutions today at 301-928-8669 for your free estimate.