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Movers Kensington MD

Services Offered by Movers Kensington MD Residents Need

Movers Kensington MDAre you remodeling your home and need to move furniture from one room to another?

Perhaps you are preparing to sell your house and want everything in perfect order. If some of your items are large, awkward, or heavy, you may be uncomfortable with moving them yourself. Maybe you’re clearing space to make a room more comfortable for a big party.

Whatever your reason might be for hiring movers in Kensington MD, Suburban Solutions can help you with your in-home moving needs. For a customized estimate of our in-home moving services, call us.

In-Home Moving

You may never have thought that it was possible to hiring movers in Kensington MD to move items around your home as compared to moving them to another location. In fact, there is a huge demand for in-home moving services– so much so that approximately 14% of our clients take advantage of this affordable service. In-home moving is also known as:

  • Furniture moving.
  • In-house moving.
  • On-site moving.
  • Room to room moving.
  • Floor to floor moving.

Our clients often tell us that they thought they would be able to move their furniture from one place to another on their own, only to realize the difficulty. Furthermore, it places them at risk for serious back, neck, shoulder, or joint injuries. This can have long term, devastating results and might require a person to take time off from work which can be costly. If you need any of the following types of items moved within your home, you should consider hiring movers in Kensington MD, such as Suburban Solutions:

  • Hardwood cabinets, desks, chairs, and tables.
  • Sculptures and artwork.
  • Grand pianos.
  • Marble furniture.
  • Metal furniture.
  • Odd-shaped or bulky items.

Situations That Might Require In-Home Movers in Kensington MD

  • Home renovation.
  • New furniture delivery.
  • Rearranging existing furniture.
  • Staging a home in advance of putting it up for sale.
  • Home eviction.
  • Large item moving.

Donating or Getting Rid of Furniture

If you’re clearing out unwanted furniture to make space for something new, Suburban Solutions can deliver anything that is reusable to the right organization. We can take your other items to a proper waste disposal location. Not all movers in Kensington MD offer these services.

Tips for Moving Your Items From a Garage, Shed, or Storage Space

When you’re planning your move, be sure to think outside of your living space. Areas like the garage, workshop, garden shed, or storeroom need to be considered. This is especially true when you’re planning on accessing these items soon after you move into your new home.

At Suburban Solutions, we have seen countless clients leave these belongings until the last minute. What they often don’t realize is just how much stuff is in these areas. If you’re planning on packing these items yourself, consider the following tips from our professional movers in Kensington MD.

1. Assemble Packing Items
Rather than going immediately into your shed or garage to pack, take a bit of time to organize packing tools such as:

  • Boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Foam, filler, or bubble wrap
  • Other items that could be useful include:
  • Labels
  • Sandwich bags
  • Food containers with a lid
  • Screw top jars
  • Marker
  • Camera

2. Sort Through Your Belongings
The garage, shed, and storage room often become a catch-all area for everything you don’t use often, but might need. Before the moving company arrives, go through all this stuff and get rid of things you don’t need. It might even help to take everything outside of the area and lay it out so you can see it more clearly. Make a pile of the stuff to be thrown away and stuff to be donated.

Talk with Suburban Solutions about our junk removal services in Kensington MD and be sure to ask whether or not anything like wood pieces, wood scraps, or metal scraps can be donated to a good cause. Gather up loose bolts, screws, and nails and place them into screw top containers.

3. Wrap Sharp Objects
Any knives, axes, saws, blades, screwdrivers, cutters, or other sharp objects that are not in toolboxes should be wrapped properly. This not only prevents penetration of a box, but also prevents the tips breaking off or bending. Sharp objects can be wrapped in old socks, scrap material, or brown packing paper, and then secured in place with packing tape. Foam can also be applied to the tips and the box for extra cushion. Be sure to label the box with a warning indicating there are sharp objects inside.

4. Add Padding to Your Tools
Our moving company professionals advise placing felt, foam, or other padding around the bottoms of any metal toolboxes to keep things from sliding around. Any precision tools should be heavily padded and secure. Batteries should be removed from tools and packed in their original box or with other small tools. Some tools may need to be oiled before packing. All large garden tools like shovels, pitchforks, and rakes should also have their blade ends wrapped and secured. These can be placed upright in a wardrobe box and padded. Again, let the moving company know what kinds of tools are in the box with correct labelling.

5. Disassemble Anything Big
Roters, large automated saws, and other heavy tools may need to be disassembled before moving. If you’re unsure how to do, this refer to the manual or talk with your professional movers. The same practice applies to weed whippers, chainsaws, and lawn mowers.

6. Place Random Items in Boxes or Totes
Heavy duty boxes or plastic totes are ideal for any small, non-sharp tools, flower pots, accessories, and unfinished projects. You can place foam or another type of packing material inside to provide extra padding.

Choosing In-Home Movers in Kensington MD

When it’s time to choose movers in Kensington MD, you’ll want to weigh your options before making a decision. The company you choose should:

  • Be reliable.
  • Have a solid reputation.
  • Provide trained, professional movers.
  • Not have hidden fees.
  • Offer you quality service.
  • Take care when handling your belongings.

In-Home Moving Does Not Have to Be Stressful

In-home moving can be stressful, especially if this is your first time moving large items from one room to another. Precision and strategic planning should be implemented to ensure the moving is executed with care. When you choose Suburban Solutions for your in-home movers in Kensington MD, you won’t have to worry about any of these difficulties.

Contact Suburban Solutions for a Free Estimate

To learn more about our in-home moving services or additional services like cleaning, contact Suburban Solutions as we are the movers Kensington MD residents have trusted for years.

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