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Long Distance Moving Companies Philadelphia PA

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Long distance moving companies philadelphia paWhen looking for long distance moving companies Philadelphia, PA has a few from which to choose. Consider placing Suburban Solutions at the top of your list. With four easily accessible locations around the Northeast, we are one of the few Philadelphia long distance moving companies you can trust. Our business offers four main service areas:

  • Pack- We can pack just one room of your home, or your entire house. We’re happy either way.
  • Move- We want to ease the burden of moving and the stress it can cause. Allow our team of courteous, friendly, efficient movers do the hard work for you.
  • Remove- We will get rid of anything you do not wish to take with you to your new location. Just tell our staff which items you wish to throw out, and leave the rest to Suburban Solutions. We strive to be one of the best long distance moving companies Philadelphia, PA, provides.
  • Clean- We offer several different cleaning service options. For a one-time house clean, to cleaning an entire office for an event, we are the company to call.

Moving Long Distance

During your search for long distance moving companies in Philadelphia, PA, there are a few things you may want to consider. Look at each company’s reviews, history, the services they offer, and their fees.

Suburban Solutions can meet all of your moving needs. We will go above and beyond to meet your expectations. Yelp reviews can be very beneficial when looking for long distance moving companies Philadelphia, PA offers. We take pride in the reviews left by our customers which include several five star evaluations. Our reviews include descriptions such as:

  • Prompt
  • Efficient
  • Generous
  • Fair
  • Hard working
  • Exceptional

When choosing a moving company, look no further than Suburban Solutions. We know how stressful it can be to move to a nearby neighborhood, let alone across the country. Let us help ease the stress that a move can cause. We will pack one room or your entire house, and can even do a deep clean once your house or office is empty. For many locals, we are the first choice when it comes to long distance moving companies Philadelphia, PA provides.

Choose a destination town or city, and we will take care of it. We will move all of your belongings across the country and have everything unpacked and waiting for your arrival. Our staff strives to provide the best possible customer service.

Senior Long Distance Moving Companies Philadelphia, PA Offers

Just over half of all the people who move in the U.S. are over the age of 50. Of these, approximately 30% are over 60 years old and are relocating into a condominium, apartment, retirement community, or assisted living facility.

A senior move often has its own challenges and can be particularly emotional if someone is leaving a family home that has decades of memories contained within. This move can be a major event in the individual’s life and their family members.

Long distance Philadelphia, PA moving companies understand this and can help everyone involved work through the difficulties of moving. If you are a senior and moving, call Suburban Solutions to discuss your needs and to receive a complimentary quote.

Getting Your Move Right

Suburban Solutions is well versed in helping clients manage the stress of relocation through comprehensive moving services. Whether you’re downsizing into something more comfortable or transitioning into a retirement community, we have a team of friendly staff who are ready to make your senior moving experience as positive as possible.

When choosing moving companies in Philadelphia, PA, you can feel confident in knowing that Suburban Solutions:

  • Are fully licensed and bonded
  • Provide extensive services beyond the move itself
  • Are insured and offer insurance upgrades
  • Have a properly trained and certified moving crew
  • Are equipped with clean company branded trucks

Dealing with the Stress from Moving

There is no way around it – moving is stressful, especially long distance! But the good news is that there are things that you can do to help alleviate that stress as you address all the issues that need to be addressed to make sure you get from point A to point B.

There are multiple de-stressing techniques that you can do that will really help make a difference. Make sure to take time to exercise. Some of the best exercises to help alleviate stress is walking, running, or yoga. Deep breathing exercises are also helpful in eliminating that stress from your body.

It is also important to take a few minutes each day to completely unplug from the phone, computer, television, and any other device that keeps us from just relaxing. And don’t forget to treat yourself during this whole process, have lunch with friends, get a massage, read a book, take a hot bath, whatever it is that makes you happy, make sure to take that time.

Another way to combat stress during your move is to make a to-do list. There are so many issues, both big and small, that need to be taken care of in a move that it is almost impossible to remember them all. Writing down what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and being able to cross it off when it is done allow you to know at all times just how on schedule everything is and that is definitely a stress eliminator.

It is important to be organized when packing, too. You want to make sure to pack non-essential items first. These are the items that you won’t be needing before the move or immediately following the move, such as books, home décor items, and seasonal clothing. A few days before your actual move date, create a “moving day” box or use a suitcase to put the items that you will need right up until you move and immediately when you arrive at your new home. This can include clothes, toiletries, phone charges, and financial items like checkbooks and credit cards.

When it comes to packing, if you can afford to hire packers to help with packing and/or unpacking, consider it. Packing is very time-consuming, especially if you do not have a lot of experience doing it and you may find yourself become very stressed at the sometimes-overwhelming task at hand it can be.

If you are doing your own packing, it can be helpful if you are able to take some time off from work during the week rather than try to fit everything in on the weekends. Or better yet, contact a professional to help you get organized and packed quickly and stress free!

And most important to controlling long-distance moving stress is to make sure you eat a healthy diet. Superfoods like turkey breast, leafy green vegetables, blueberries, yogurt, salmon, oatmeal, dark chocolate, avocados, milk, pistachios, and cashews can all help to stabilize your blood sugar and reduce stress.
Hiring a Professional

A great way to eliminate a lot of stress is hiring the right people to help your long distance move. With the professionalism and efficiency of our long distance moving company in Philadelphia, PA, Suburban solutions is here to help moving day (and the days leading up to it) stay as stress-free as possible!

Let Us Help You Pack and Unpack

Many seniors have a lot of belongings that are important to them. The idea of safely packing and transporting these things to a new place might seem daunting. Couple in the need to unpack everything and you might become overwhelmed.

You are moving your parents into a new community or unable to pack your items on your own, we can help. Our trained senior movers are able to do as much packing and unpacking as you require. Just as we can tailor your senior move, we can tailor our packing services to meet your needs.

Suburban Solutions: One of the Best Senior Moving Companies in Philadelphia, PA

  • Re-move consultation and quote estimate
  • Coordinate with all those involved (i.e. senior, family, community, or retirement facility)
  • Pack, deliver, and unpack items to your preference
  • Store any excess possessions
  • Remove junk and dispose, recycle, or donate it
  • Plug in equipment or appliances (*on request)
  • Senior cleaning services
  • Turnover clean of old house
  • Cleaning of new residence
  • Scheduled cleaning

Contact Suburban Solutions Today to Learn More

At Suburban Solutions, we hold ourselves to the utmost professional and ethical standards. This means you can count on a trained, respectful uniformed crew who is committed to your satisfaction. From start to finish we are able to work with you to plan and schedule your move so that it gets done in the way you expect it to. Whether you are moving across the street, to the next town over, across state, or across the country, let Suburban Solutions  make your senior move an easy one.

Why You Should Use Long Distance Moving Companies Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Residents Rely On

Most of us have heard moving tips such as to not lift with your back, and never try to carry more than you can. However, there are plenty of other useful tips to consider when moving to help prevent the incidence of injury. The last thing anyone in the middle of a relocation wants to do is sustain a serious injury. A move can be incredibly exciting, as new opportunities and sites await. Taking preventative actions can help keep you and those helping you relocate injury-free. While some of these suggestions may seem intuitive, they are worth factoring into your moving day:

#1 Keep a First Aid Kit Handy

If you sustain a minor injury such as a cut or scrape, it can be helpful to have a first aid kit in your home (but not packed away!) so you can apply ointment and a bandaid. Or, this kit can be useful if you suffered a serious injury and must manage the wound until you can get to the hospital or wait for an ambulance to arrive. Many of us have a first aid kit laying around the house somewhere, but the contents may have gotten old over the years of not being used. Go through your first aid kit and toss anything that has surpassed the expiration date.

#2 Buy an Assortment of Snacks and Water

Moving can be physically and mentally taxing work, so it can perk up your energy to have non-perishable snacks and water available when needed. Don’t forget to take breaks and maybe even stretch a little bit in between bouts of loading. With such a busy moving day, it can be easy to forget to give your body the nourishment it requires to keep going. You may be more susceptible to getting hurt if you feel tired, depleted, and fatigued.

#3 Label Boxes Based on Room

This simple yet genius trick can help make the unloading process run particularly smooth. If you label boxes based on what room they will be going into for the new place, then you won’t have to spend time figuring out which boxes go where. This can be truly important if you have hired professional movers assist with the relocation. It’ll save you money and their time, if they know exactly where a box needs to go when unloading the moving truck or van.

#4 Consider Hiring Suburban Solutions for your Philadelphia Long Distance Move

If people hire a moving company, it is usually only for the stage where items are already boxed up and just need to be loaded then transported in the truck. However, many moving services offer help when it comes to packing up your things too. This can be a resource for those who want to avoid the risk of being injured at all. With that extra time, you can then attend to other tasks on your to-do list related to the move. If you have the expenses to hire professionals, it may be worth the investment.

Choose Suburban Solutions

If you want a fast, efficient, and pleasant to deal with moving company, choose Suburban Solutions. From our excellent customer reviews, to the speediness and efficiency of our packaging of your belongings, we are here for you. Give us a call today for a quote. Since opening our doors in 2010, we are now the top rated Yelp moving company in the Washington Metro area. When on the hunt for long distance moving companies Philadelphia, PA offers, look no further than Suburban Solutions.

Our Clients Feedback

  • Suburban solutions made my move from DC to NYC so easy! The movers were excellent - thorough, friendly, and fast. I highly recommend them.

    Christina P. Avatar
    Christina P.

    My second move with this company and another amazing move and crew to work with!!!! Fast, efficient, kind, courteous and very reasonable! These people work fast and treated everything as though it was there own!!! Love this company and highly recommend!!!! Georgia Matherly

    Georgia M. Avatar
    Georgia M.

    5 star ratingVery pleased with Suburban Solutions on a small move from suburban Maryland to suburban Virginia. They were on time and took care with the preparations and loading. The processes went incredibly smoothly. It was a good deal and I would use them again.

    Sarah C. Avatar
    Sarah C.

    We had the most pleasant experience with Suburban Solutions. Our team was professional and handled all our stuff with care. They wrapped all our furniture completely in moving blankets and taped them all around. All our neighbors said they never saw a moving company wrap furniture like that and were impressed. Our on site manager (who was there from start... read more

    Beth M. Avatar
    Beth M.
  • 5 star ratingWe were moving a 2 bedroom + apartment from Ardmore, PA (suburban Philadelphia) to southern Sussex Cty, DE (Bethany area) with an intermediate stop at our storage unit. We had heard a number of moving company horror stories so we were a bit apprehensive. From our first contact by phone with Suburban Solutions, things could not have gone more smoothly.... read more

    Bill M. Avatar
    Bill M.

    Brian was great to work with. His team did a long distance move for us and they were on time for pick up and delivery. They were efficient and wrapped all furniture. Eric was great to work with as well and made sure all furniture was where we wanted it before leaving. I would highly recommend Suburban... read more

    Megan B. Avatar
    Megan B.

    5 star ratingThis is the second time we have used Suburban Solutions and they have been excellent. They are reliable, clear in their communication, and were extremely customer focused. The packing and moving team were efficient, friendly, and professional. I was impressed and would recommend them to family and friends.

    Doryn C. Avatar
    Doryn C.

    I hate moving. Dread it. Don't like it. Run from it. My wife and I moved our family of four from Philly to the suburbs in mid-August 2021. It was difficult to hire movers. Suburban Solutions was the fourth company I called and they had availability. So I booked them. I was... read more

    Thomas T. Avatar
    Thomas T.
  • 5 star ratingVery pleased with the business I had with Suburban Solutions. Brian was very pleasant and accommodating with setting everything up. Nick and Eric, the movers, we're amazing. Very efficient and pleasant to work with. I will use them again. Highly recommend!

    Shelley W. Avatar
    Shelley W.

    5 star ratingSuburban did an outstanding job with a recent pickup and delivery of antique furniture to our house, including moving existing furniture to make room. Communication with the manager about setting up the move was very good, and the crew was careful, efficient, and responsive to all our directions. I will definitely use them again.

    Mark T. Avatar
    Mark T.

    The entire process, from requesting a quote to the actual move, was so easy and professional, thanks to Suburban Solutions' wonderful customer service, sales team, and moving crew. The crew, managed by “Q”, was so professional, efficient, and thoughtful of my personal items, and I can’t thank them enough for their service. They eased my stress and anxiety about... read more

    Kim Avatar

    This is my second move with Suburban Solutions and I can't say enough good things about them as a company. They communicated prior to the move and had me set up for success.

    On the day of the move, there were text alerts prior to my teams arrival that kept me in the loop. My movers Chuck and Ashford arrived on...
    read more

    Kelly G. Avatar
    Kelly G.
  • We used both packing and moving service from South Philadelphia (Point Breeze) to Wallingford, PA. We were really happy with the guys, all of whom were respectful to us and courteous with our things. My wife was especially impressed by how vocal the younger team members were about wanting to learn the right way to do things. Everyone involved... read more

    JP F. Avatar
    JP F.

    All my questions and concerns were answered/addressed in a timely manner. They provided me with useful tips concerning packing and so forth. Driver and movers were super professional, friendly, extremely helpful. I highly recommend them!

    Leonel J. Avatar
    Leonel J.

    Can't say enough about this company. Our crew of Vez (spelling might be wrong there), Mike and Mikey were top notch. They were prompt, careful, friendly, and efficient with the move. I've never had close to this pleasant of an experience with movers before, and I'll never use another moving company again. Will absolutely recommend to my friends and family,... read more

    James M. Avatar
    James M.

    5 star ratingI've used Suburban Solutions for moving twice so far. First time was April 2020, and they were so professional and friendly helping me move right as the pandemic was getting really bad. Very clean, very efficient, and incredibly friendly! I loved chatting with these guys and they were cracking jokes the entire time. Genuinely felt like they were enjoying their... read more

    Julie D. Avatar
    Julie D.