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How Do I Prepare for My Move?

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How Do I Prepare for My Move?Moving is a stressful process. Some say that the best part of moving is when it’s over but when you work with moving companies Washington, DC trusts, you can be provided with tips that may make the experience much easier for you and your family. To that end, in addition to moving services we also offer a number of related services including packing, junk removal, cleaning, and more. Talk to Suburban Solutions about how we can help you prepare for your move as well as handle most of the heavy lifting—literally.

Here are some tips that you may find helpful in advance of moving day:

  • Be organized. This is easy to say, but tough to do. The more organized you are when packing, the easier the unpacking process will be for you later.
  • Pack according to where you want to place the items in your new home. For instance, pack kitchen things in one box, living room things in another box. Washington DC moving companies can place your boxes in the correct rooms in your new place, if this will be helpful to you.
  • Label each box and keep a log. On the outside of the box, label the room you want to put the items in the box such as “garage” and write it on the top and on at least one side of the box so that the writing is visible no matter how the boxes are stacked. Write down how many boxes go in the kitchen, how many in the living room, etc. This way you will know when all of the boxes have arrived and are located in the correct room.
  • Keep the weight manageable when packing each box. As you pack them, try lifting them before you tape them shut. This will help you to determine if you can lift the box without throwing out your back. Many experienced moving companies in DC will pack for you, if you prefer.
  • Use quality boxes. It’s okay to use pre-owned boxes but make sure that they are in good shape and unlikely to fail during the moving process. Using fresh packing tape along the bottom seam and one line of tape across the middle to form a cross or plus sign can give new life to a box that has been used more than once. Another tip: label the boxes before using the tape as writing on tape can smudge. Use clear tape over the label to help protect it.
  • Use quality packing tape. You might find cheap packing tape available in bulk but there could be a reason for why it’s so cheap. It’s important to use tape that you can rely on. It would be a tragedy for a box of fragile items to break open because the tape failed you. Suburban Solutions is one of the moving companies in Washington DC that ensures their packing materials are of the best quality to prevent mishaps like this from occurring.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to pack in advance of moving day. This could require months or weeks, depending on the size of your home and the amount of belongings you own. Moving day may be stressful enough without having to rush to finish packing.

Moving is exciting but also stressful, and at Suburban Solutions we understand that. Contact one of the moving companies Washington DC relies on when moving their belongings to schedule a consultation. If you would like to know more about how Suburban Solutions can assist you with your move, give us a call.


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