Commercial Moving Companies Philadelphia PA

Know the Terms Related to Moving Service Price Estimates Commercial Moving Companies Philadelphia PA If you are considering hiring one of the commercial moving companies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there are a few terms you might not be familiar with. It is important to understand what you are agreeing to in advance, so you are not at risk of being defrauded or on the hook for something you did not expect. Learn some of the most common terms related to moving companies’ price estimates. Binding Estimates Philadelphia PA commercial moving companies are required to provide you with a price estimate for the services you request. The type of estimate must be specified as well. Binding estimates are legally binding, which means the mover cannot charge you more than what the binding estimate states. Keep in mind that adding additional services after the fact will nullify the price guarantee from your binding estimate. Moving companies Philadelphia PA offers who provide a binding estimate will come to your location to ensure all potential sources of extra fees are already taken into account in the estimate. When you receive a binding estimate, you can rest easy knowing exactly how much you will have to pay once the services are complete and your belongings have been moved. Non-Binding Estimates On the other hands, non-binding estimates do not leave Philadelphia PA commercial moving companies on the hook for a particular price. Remember that it is required to clearly state which kind of estimate it is, so it should not be a surprise if the real bill is different than the non-binding estimate. Often, these estimates are made as a simple calculation based on the number of items, weight of items, size of items, and distance to move them. Some things that were not taken into account on the phone or over the internet can affect the final price, such as:
  • Steps
  • Elevators
  • Low hanging tree branches
  • Unexpectedly bulky items
  • Large distance to parking
110% Provision  There is a regulation in place that only affects you if you receive a non-binding contract. When you are given the final price, you can only be required to pay up to 110% of the original estimate at the time the moving service is completed. The remainder of your bill is not due for 30 days. For example, let’s say you receive a non-binding estimate of $1,000, but the final bill comes to $1,500. Under the 110% provision, you cannot be required to pay more than $1,100 when the moving services complete, as this is 110% of $1,000. 30 days later, you are required to pay the remaining $400. Of course, you are free to pay the full bill at any time during the 30 days, including all at once. If you are looking for reasonable prices from one of the top-notch commercial moving companies Philadelphia PA residents recommend, contact Suburban Solutions today.