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Determining What To Sell On The Facebook Marketplace

Packing a boxMoving is a perfect time to purge. This is the time to throw out old papers and files, go through your closets, and get rid of anything that is taking up valuable space in your home.

Some things are truly trash or junk and can be thrown away. Some items are perfect to donate to Goodwill. However, other items can be easily sold through places such as Facebook Marketplace to help offset your moving costs and make you a little extra cash in the process.

Here’s how to determine what to sell on Facebook Marketplace:

Ask Yourself If You Would Buy It

One of the top questions that will help you determine if something is junk or worth selling would be to ask yourself if your would buy it. Several factors can help easily answer that question:

  • Is it outdated?
  • Is it stained or torn?
  • Are pieces missing?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” the items are junk and should be thrown away. If you would not buy it and will no longer use it, then it is likely no one else would either. Rather than wasting your time attempting to take pictures and sell these items, or even pack them up to deliver to good will, save yourself time and energy and simply place them in the trash pile.

Do Your Research

Many items in your closets, drawers, and cabinets will likely fall into the first category of easily determined junk. However, there are many items that may still be questionable. You may find that you are no longer going to use the items, but you are not sure if they are worth selling or if anyone would buy them.

Rather than making an uneducated guess or throwing everything away, do your research. It is simple to search Facebook’s Marketplace for items that may sell. Take a quick inventory of the questionable items and begin your research. Look for similar items to see if they are on the Marketplace. If you find them, see what the asking price is and if they are selling.

Evaluate The Reward

Once you have determined whether you have anything that may sell on the Facebook Marketplace, you must determine if it is worth the time to sell the items.

Moving is stressful enough. If the items you are selling will take a lot of time and energy to sell, causing you to have to move them to your new home before the sale is complete, make sure the return on investment is worth the expense of time. If the return is not worth the investment, these items may be best donated to Goodwill or another charitable cause. However, if you stand to make a decent return on the investment, you may wish to consider selling your item on the Facebook Marketplace.

In the end, you will certainly have three piles: junk, donations, and items for sale. These piles will help you purge as well as make your move easier.

If you have items to purge and need the junk removed quickly and efficiently, contact the experts at Suburban Solutions at 1-888-Sub-Solv (1-888-782-7658). Our movers can hep you remove your junk and help make your move easy!


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