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new york city downtown and washington dc downtown compared side by side

Moving to NYC from Washington DC 🗽 | Best Movers From DC to NYC

Last Updated on: 7th July 2024, 09:26 pm

Are you considering a move from Washington DC to New York City? There are many reasons why people move from Washington DC neighborhoods to New York City, such as a marriage or divorce, seeking a full life or fresh start, wanting to be closer to family, a new job opportunity, a few career goals, change of scenery, better schools, more or less living space, or a warmer climate. But when you do, you’ll want the best Washington DC to NYC movers to help you.

Moving can be stressful, regardless of the reason. There are so many things to take care of. We understand, which is why we’re dedicated to making your move from Washington DC to New York City as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

What Moving to New York City Is Like  

new york city downtown art exhibit

New York City, or The Big Apple, is often referred to as “The Center of the Universe”, and for good reason. New York City is the most populous city in the country with a diverse population. Over 3 million residents were born outside the US and 800 languages are spoken there.

New York is a global leader in finance, commerce, entertainment, fashion, culture, the arts, and much more. The city is comprised of five distinct boroughs and is home to the United Nations, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, The Statue of Liberty, Broadway, and the Empire State Building, just to name a few iconic places in the city. A major arts and cultural site in New York City is the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, home to the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera, New York Philharmonic, and New York City Ballet.

World-famous museums include the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the largest art museum in the Americas. New York City is also the media capital of the world and a leading center for the advertising, music, film, newspaper, digital media, and publishing industries.

New York City has over 40 professional sports teams in every major sports league imaginable, including 2 NFL teams, 2 MLB teams, 1 NBA team, 2 NHL teams, and 1 MLS team. The US Open Tennis Championships, one of the world’s four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, is held at the National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows. The New York City Marathon and the Millrose Games are world-class running events in the city. Madison Square Garden hosts many sporting events throughout the year. 

New York City has a population of 8,804,190, and the New York City metropolitan area has a combined 23.6 million residents. The median household income in New York City is $76,607. Home prices average $800,000, and rents average $3,782 a month. 

Moving From Washington DC to New York City – What You Need to Know  

downtown city of new york city at sunrise across from the hudson river

Here are some comparisons between Washington DC and New York City

Cost of Living 

The cost of living is very similar in New York City (69% higher than the national average) and Washington DC (64% higher). A main component of the cost of living is housing costs. Washington DC housing costs are 185% higher than the national average, and NYC’s housing costs are 188% higher. Rental prices are about $1,000 higher in New York City.  

Crime Rate

The crime rate in New York City is 58% lower than in Washington DC, although the violent crime rate in both cities is 101% higher than the national average. The property crime rate in New York City is 68% lower than in Washington DC. Both cities are very large and most crime is concentrated in areas that should be avoided. 

Median Home Price

Home prices in New York City are higher than in Washington DC. The median price for a home in New York City is $800,000 compared to $643,000 in Washington DC. 

Neighborhoods and Diversity

Both New York City and Washington DC are culturally and ethnically diverse. Here is the demographic comparison between the two cities:

  • White alone: Washington DC 46.2%, New York City 37.5%
  • Black or African American alone: Washington DC 45.0%, New York City 23.1%
  • American Indian and Alaska Native alone: Washington DC 0.7%, New York City 0.6%
  • Asian alone: Washington DC 4.7%, New York City 14.5%
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone: Washington DC 0.2%, New York City 0.1%
  • Two or More Races: Washington DC 3.2%, New York City 8.9%
  • Hispanic or Latino: Washington DC 11.7%, New York City 29.0%
  • White alone, not Hispanic or Latino: Washington DC 37.5%, New York City 31.2%


Both New York City and Washington DC have a humid subtropical climate, featuring hot, humid summers and cold winters. Summer highs in Washington DC reach the mid-80s to mid-90s. Winter temperatures are typically in the 30s and occasionally fall below 0°F. Washington DC averages 43 inches of rain and 14 inches of snow per year. 

The average summer temperature is a little cooler in New York City, around 77°F. Winter temperatures are typically in the low 30s. New York City averages 47 inches of rain and 25 inches of snow per year, slightly higher than Washington DC.  

Things to Do

beautiful bridge in new york city during autumn with the fallen leaves

Both New York City and Washington DC offer world-class attractions, activities, and things to do. However, New York City is much bigger than Washington, so offers more of everything. You’ll find world-class museums in both Washington DC and New York City. Washington boasts the Smithsonian Institution, the United States Capitol, the Washington Monument, the White House, the Library of Congress, the Lincoln Memorial, and many more historic monuments and memorials. 

The museums, monuments, and landmarks in New York City are equally as impressive, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Central Park. New York City is in a class by itself for theatre, and Broadway is the top theatre destination in the world. Washington has excellent theaters as well, including the Kennedy Center, Ford’s Theater, and other venues. Both cities offer first-rate and diverse cuisines for every taste and the best in nightlife, music, and shopping.   


Both Washington DC and New York City have good public school systems, although New York’s is much larger and a bit more confusing to navigate. By comparison, Washington DC has 116 schools and 48,635 students. New York City has 1,870 public schools and 1,047,895 students. 

Three New York City public high schools are ranked in the top 50 nationally by US News: High School Math Science and Engineering at CCNY (36th), Bronx High School of Science (37th), and Staten Island Technical High School (50th). Both cities have some of the top universities in the country. Georgetown, George Washington, Howard, and Johns Hopkins are some of the top schools in Washington DC. New York City’s highly rated schools include NYU, Columbia, and Cornell.

Public Transportation/Traffic

taxis in the streets of downtown new york city

Washington DC and New York City both have very good public transit options. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority offers Metrorail and Metrobus service in Washington DC. Metrobus has over 1,500 buses and runs hundreds of routes throughout the city and the greater Washington, DC area. The Metrorail subway system provides safe, clean, reliable transit service for more than 600,000 customers per day, with 98 stations throughout the Washington, DC area. 

The NYC Transit subway system operates as the largest public transportation agency in North America and is one of the largest in the world. Daily ridership is approximately 3.6 million. The NYC Transit has 6,553 subway cars traveling 355.5 million miles a year, 472 subway stations, and 665 miles of track. They run 5,800 buses, traveling on 238 local bus routes, 20 Select Bus Service routes, and 75 express bus routes, serving 3.41 million customers a day. 


Much of Washington DC’s culture centers around politics and history, since its the nation’s capital. Monuments like the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building are everywhere. The city’s cultural diversity, including African American, Hispanic, and other international communities, can be seen in its neighborhoods, including Georgetown and Adams Morgan.

New York City is known for its diverse culture and world-class dining. Neighborhoods like Greenwich Village and Chinatown showcase their varied cultures and lifestyles. From avant-garde art galleries to an incredibly diverse and vibrant food scene, from street food to high-end Michelin-starred restaurants, New York offers something for every palate. 


New York City has more major league sports teams, but both cities cover all major professional leagues. Washington has the Washington Nationals (MLB), D.C. United (MLS), Washington Commanders (NFL), and the Washington Wizards (NBA). New York City’s major professional teams are the New York Giants and the New York Jets (NFL), the New York Mets and the New York Yankees (MLB), the New York Knicks (NBA), the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders (NHL), and the New York City FC (MLS).

Washington DC to New York City Movers 

A long-distance move from Washington DC to New York City is a big undertaking if you plan to do it yourself. When you hire a top Washington DC to New York City mover, you get a dedicated move coordinator, professional-grade boxes and packing materials, and optional packing services. Professional movers have specially equipped trucks and all the equipment needed to make your move as smooth and easy as possible. You’ll have peace of mind when hiring a professional Washington DC to New York City mover. 

Benefits of moving and using professional movers:

  • Efficient, trained movers
  • Specialized equipment, materials, and trucks
  • Optional services
  • No injuries
  • Takes the stress off you

Why Suburban Solutions Is Your Best Washington DC to New York City Moving Company Choice 

When choosing a Washington DC to New York City mover, keep in mind that not all movers are the same. You want an affordable mover that you can trust. Here are some important things to consider before you choose a long-distance Washington DC to New York City mover: 

  • Check Yelp and Google reviews. (We have a 4.7 Google rating.)
  • How long have they been in business? (We’ve been in business for 9+ years.)
  • How many moves have they done? (We’ve served 5,000+ customers.)
  • What is their claims rate? (Ours is less than 1%.)
  • Are they licensed and insured? (We are fully licensed and insured.)
  • Do they have the proper equipment and trucks? (We have all the equipment needed and properly maintained professional moving trucks.)
  • Do they have awesome customer service? (We have a 98% customer referral rate!)
  • Are the crews trained? (Our professional teams are highly trained and reliable.)

Washington DC to New York City Moving Cost 

The exact cost of a Washington DC to New York City move depends on several factors. We can give you an affordable estimate based on the information you provide us. The best moving companies will give you upfront pricing and full service. Here are some of the many factors that go into Washington DC to NYC movers’ estimate:

  • Distance 
  • Weight 
  • Time of year
  • Additional services
  • Storage needs
  • Specialized moving (pianos, artwork, antiques, pool tables, etc.)
  • Whether it’s a studio apartment or a full house

Washington DC to New York City Distances & Travel Information

Here are the estimated costs and times for your trip depending on whether you drive, fly, or take a train to the city:

Driving From Washington DC to New York City

The distance from Washington DC to New York City is a about 2,25 miles, and it takes about 4 hours to drive there along I-95.    

Flying From Washington DC to New York City: 

A non-stop flight from  Dulles International Airport to LaGuardia Airport takes 1 hour and 5 minutes and costs about $114. 

Train From Washington DC to New York City:

Amtrak service from Washington DC to New York City takes 3 to 3.5 hours and the average cost is $165. Depending on the route you’re taking, you may go through Grand Central Station!

Choosing the Best NYC Movers to Help You Relocate

Are you relocating to NYC from Washington DC? If so, you need the best of the long distance Washington DC moving companies to help you get to New York City. Let us help you get to the bustling city you’re about to call home! Suburban Solutions is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today at 301-928-8669 or fill out our form for a free quote today!


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