Tips for Moving in a Hurry

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In the most ideal world, every person would have ample time to make preparations for a move. This process of boxing up belongings and making arrangements can consume both your time and energy. For some people, they must gather up their things and move promptly. While it may take the average person a few weeks to get up and go, others may need to do so at the very last minute. Anyone who finds they just don’t have the time to move everything themselves, may find that hiring professional movers is worth the monetary cost.

Q: Where should I begin in the moving process?

A: Those who need to move quickly may feel overwhelmed at all that needs to be accomplished. A great way to start a last minute moving process is to decide whether you will be hiring a professional moving company Washington, DC offers at Suburban Solutions or renting a truck to load up and drive yourself. Once you have the logistics of the move worked out, you can start tackling other tasks on your to-do list.

Q: Do I have time to get rid of things I don’t need?

A: The less items you have to pack and take with you, the faster the moving process can be. As you are sorting items into boxes, you can easily make a pile of belongings separated either by donations, recycling, or garbage. Many people think it will be better to pack up everything then sort it all during the unpacking stage. However, it may save you money, time and energy if you have less things to haul out and transport to the new place. So then, once you are setting up your new home the energy will feel lighter and fresh because you got rid of things that no longer serve you. For larger appliances that you want to donate, you may be able to find a charity group near you that will even pick up the item. Schedule this as soon as possible so there is more time for someone to come grab the appliance.

Q: What should my strategy be when packing?

A: Since you have less time to pack, consider putting items into containers based on the room they are in, not necessarily by category. For example, the belongings you currently have in one closet can all be put together. Chances are, if there’s a similar available closet in your new home, you can unpack everything into that space just the same.

Q: How can I quickly yet safety pack breakable items?

A: You can use socks, towels, and clothing to wrap items that are delicate and may break easily. This can also save you money on packing supplies if you no longer have to buy several rolls of bubble wrap. If you are hiring a moving company, you may opt for taking the more fragile items with you in your own personal vehicle. Even if the moving company offers careful services when it comes to handling items, it may put your mind at east to know exactly where they are at all times during the move.


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