The Guide to Packing Your Kitchen

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Most people are excited about moving. It’s a new beginning, a fresh start. However, with moving comes packing. And with packing, comes packing up the dreaded kitchen. It’s the room most people hate packing because there are so many items in so many shapes and sizes. Not only do you have to determine what size box your CrockPot fits in, but you also have to figure out how to transport your food. However, there is a correct way to pack your kitchen so you know where everything is and you don’t have to worry about things breaking along the way.

Do a kitchen purge

Moving is a great time to take inventory of everything you have accumulated while living in your home. So before you start packing everything in boxes, it’s good to decide what you actually use and what you can get rid of. Were you gifted a salad spinner that you’ve never opened? Were you once on a protein shake kick but now you have three open containers just gathering dust? Sort out the things you don’t use that you can either sell, donate, or throw away. This also means clean out your pantry and fridge before you start packing. You don’t want to spend time packing up things you don’t really need.

Pack an essentials box

When you get to your new home, you don’t want to have to dig through all your boxes just so you can cook a meal. Put aside a few things you use regularly – some silverware, a small pan, a small pot, a wooden spoon, salt, pepper, breakfast items, etc. This way you won’t have to stress about having to order takeout for the first week you live in your new home (unless you want to).

Dishes & Glasses

For breakable items such as dishes and glasses, you’ll want to grab sturdy boxes (preferably with handles). Line the box with bubble wrap or packing paper and then individually wrap your dishes and glasses in newspaper or packing paper. Stack your dishes on top of each other and add an extra layer of bubble wrap after every few dishes. If you’re running low on bubble wrap, you can use hand towels or T-shirts to wrap wine glasses or coffee mugs.


Sort your silverware by type and wrap them with a rubber band. You can then place them in a Ziploc bag or in a shoebox for easy transport.  

Pots & Pans

Packing pots and pans can be tricky. Not only are they heavy, but they are bulky. Find a box that fits your largest pot or pan and then place the smaller pots and pans around it. Wrap any glass lids with newspaper. Finally, make sure you are able to close and tape the box.


Now that your pantry and fridge have been cleaned out, use tote bags and coolers to transport your food to your new home. If you can’t take perishables with you, stop buying groceries at least one week prior to moving and try to finish the food you have in the fridge to prevent wastage.

If you follow these steps, you can easily pack up your kitchen and know where everything is when arriving in your new home. It is also a good idea to consider hiring professional Washington DC movers at Suburban Solutions to make the transition go more smoothly and reduce your stress.


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