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Packing Tips 101

Packing is definitely one of the most important aspects of moving and so proper packing should definitely be high on your to-do list. If packing is done properly it insures that the move is conducted smoothly and that your belongings reach their new destination safe and well intact. Proper packing techniques also make the lives of professional movers a whole lot easier and protect your most cherished and useful household items. Here are a few packing tips to ensure your move is efficient and smooth:

Best Movers in Philadelphia
Our Philadelphia crew packing up a kitchen.

Tip #1: Label, Label, Label – Always make sure you label your boxes, especially when hiring professional movers. This will ensure that your fragile items are handled with care and your items are their proper places as they are moved to your new home. Labeling also make your items easy to find for yourself so if you need to find something right before you move you’ll know where to look.

Tip #2: Wrap your items – It’s important to make sure you wrap your items when placing them in boxes. When packing fragile items, wrap them in packaging paper or bubble wrap. This will help to protect your items if the ride gets bumpy and it can insure your items stay in once piece.

Tip #3: Keep irreplaceable items close to you – When packing your things for a move, it’s always a great idea to keep personal and sentimental items on your person. It is also important to keep irreplaceable items close to you such as financial documents, family photos, and legal documents. You should make sure these items are kept with you and be aware of where they are throughout the entire course of the move.

Tip #4: Group items accordingly – When packing your items you should group them in similar boxes. Keep china together, children’s toys together, and so on. Also it’s important to make sure you keep heavier items on the bottom of the boxes and lighter items on top, this will insure none of your lighter items are damaged in the move. Grouping similar items together is also convenient when you unpack your things because you can arrange them accordingly without having to rummage through so many boxes.

Items we can not move.
Just a few of the common household items that Suburban Solutions can not pack or move.

Tip #5: What not to pack – Certain items should never be packed, these include hazardous waste items, aerosol cans, anything that could be flammable and other items such as paint. Suburban Solutions has a list on their website of what not to pack. So please feel free to check that out while planning your next move.

Tip #6: Make sure your boxes are securely sealed – When packing for a move, you should always make sure your boxes are sealed completely and with proper packing tape. When your boxes are sealed properly, your items remain safe and moving the boxes becomes a lot easier. This also protects your items, especially your fragile items

Tip #7: Pack most used items last – Make sure to keep your most used items out until the last day or the day of the move. This could include anything from dishes to a straightening iron. If you know you use an item everyday, and you know you will be using it the day of the move, make sure you keep it handy so you don’t go breaking into an already sealed box to find the item.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful, and you can put them to good use during your next move. So until next time, happy moving!

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