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Safest Suburbs of Philadelphia 🏆 9 Safest Places to Live in PA Near Philadelphia

Safest Suburbs of Philadelphia 🏆 | 9 Safest Places to Live in PA Near Philadelphia

Last Updated on: 11th January 2024, 08:24 pm

You’ll love living in the City of Brotherly Love! With top schools, fun attractions, and great homes for sale, living in Philadelphia is right for families, young professionals, and retirees. However, some people are concerned about moving to Philadelphia because of its crime rates. Philadelphia reported 16,202 violent crimes and 67,233 property crimes in 2022, for a total of 83,435 crimes. The overall crime rate is 5,294 offenses per 100,000 people. The national crime rate is 2,346 offenses per 100,000 people, so the Philadelphia crime rate is 125.7% higher than the national average.

But you shouldn’t let these statistics scare you. You can enjoy everything Philadelphia has to offer by living in the safest suburbs of Philadelphia. Each of these suburbs has crime rates far lower than Philadelphia’s and the national average and other perks, like great colleges, top outdoor attractions, and luxurious homes. Here’s what you should know about the safe suburbs of Philadelphia.

Upper Providence Township | Safe Philadelphia Suburb With Top Elementary and Private Schools

  • Upper Providence PA population: 24,091
  • Upper Providence Township Delaware County median household income: $123,659
  • Upper Providence, Pennsylvania median home price: $820,750
  • Crime rate: 760 offenses per 100,000 people

Upper Providence’s overall crime rate is 62.6% lower than the state average, 67.6% lower than the national average, and 85.6% lower than the Philadelphia average. The Upper Providence Police Dept employs 27 police officers and two civilians. Though the Upper Providence Township Police department is smaller than in other safest places to live in PA, the Upper Providence police have a full criminal investigation division and regularly reports monthly crime statistics so you can see when and where crimes occur.

Upper Providence Township has some of the best schools in the Philadelphia suburbs. The Rose Tree Media School District (RTMSD) serves all Upper Providence Township Delaware County students. US News ranks Rose Tree Elementary School in the top 200 elementary schools in the state, with 76% of Rose Tree students testing at or above the proficiency level, 31 percentage points higher than the state average.

The Benchmark School is a private school for children with learning differences. The school is located on a unique wooded campus and provides classes for students between 1st and 8th grade. Classroom sizes are limited to a maximum of 13 students, giving each child individualized support from their teacher.

Conshohocken | Rapidly Developing Philadelphia Suburb With Restaurants and Businesses

  • Conshohocken population: 9,261
  • Conshohocken PA median household income: $112,212
  • Conshohocken PA median home price: $400,000
  • Crime rate: 615.5 offenses per 100,000 people

Conshohocken PA reported only one violent crime to the FBI in 2022. While the community reported 57 property crimes, 56 of them were minor larceny thefts without significant property loss. Conshohocken’s crime rate is 88.4% lower than the Philadelphia crime rate and 73.8% lower than the national average. The Conshohocken PA Police Department has several major departments, including a patrol division with 16 full-time officers and a sergeant, making it one of the biggest police departments in the safest places to live in PA.

Conshohocken was once a mill town and manufacturing center, and you can find 19th-century buildings and architecture throughout town. Conshohocken has been developing rapidly in recent years, adding over 500 jobs between 2020 and 2021. You can find the headquarters for several major companies in the township, including IKEA Conshohocken, the National Lacrosse League (NLL), and Saladworks. You can find vibrant and diverse Conshohocken restaurants in the town center, including Jasper’s Backyard, a popular bistro with a rustic atmosphere.

Ambler | Affordable, Commuter-Friendly, and Safe Philadelphia Suburb

  • Population: 6,807
  • Median household income: $74,868
  • Median home price: $451,000
  • Crime rate: 661.1 offenses per 100,000 people

The Ambler crime rate is 87.5% lower than the Philadelphia average and 71.8% lower than the national average. The Ambler PA Police Department employs 12 full-time officers who patrol the borough constantly. The department owns and maintains three patrol cars with portable defibrillation units, allowing officers to respond to medical emergencies.

Ambler PA is one of the oldest suburbs of Philadelphia. The Lenape people lived in Ambler for thousands of years before establishing a treaty with William Penn in the 1680s. Quaker settlers bought the land in 1716 and built a grist mill, allowing the community to develop rapidly. Ambler has been home to numerous successful businesses, including Federal Mogul. You can also visit numerous Ambler restaurants that have been around for decades, such as Bridget’s Restaurant, a casual steakhouse perfect for dates.

Homes for sale Ambler PA cost $265 per square foot, making Ambler one of the most affordable safe Philadelphia suburbs. You can purchase three and four bedroom Ambler PA homes for sale covering nearly 3,000 square feet for less than $750,000. Many homes for sale in Ambler PA are located near the SEPTA Ambler station, making them good for young professionals and people with a long commute.

Swarthmore | Best Philadelphia Suburb for College Students

  • Swarthmore population: 6,543
  • Median household income: $128,995
  • Median home price: $423,000
  • Crime rate: 226 offenses per 100,000 people

Swarthmore PA reported no violent crimes and just 14 property crimes in 2022. Swarthmore’s crime rate is 95.7% lower than the Philadelphia average and 90.4% lower than the national average, making it the safest town in PA. The Swarthmore Police Department employs eight full-time police officers who offer services like vacant house watch, protecting homes when residents are away on vacation.

The community is best known for Swarthmore College, which US News ranks as the fourth-best national liberal arts college. The college has a student-faculty ratio of 8:1 and offers top undergraduate programs in engineering, economics, and peace and conflict studies. Students can sign up for honors programs and write detailed papers on any subjects of their choice.

Swarthmore College has a few attractions open to the public, including Scott Arboretum, which covers over 350 acres and contains unique flower gardens and woodlands. Swarthmore is a commuter suburb, with many residents working at Philadelphia businesses. The town contains the Swarthmore SEPTA station; the Swarthmore station provides access to Chester and other Philadelphia suburbs near the city limits.

Jenkintown | Most Well-Educated Safe Philadelphia Suburb

  • Population: 4,719
  • Median household income: $120,172
  • Median home price: $516,000
  • Crime rate: 784 offenses per 100,000 people

Jenkintown’s overall crime rate is 85.2% lower than the Philadelphia average and 66.6% lower than the national average. The Jenkintown Police Department employs over one dozen police officers, including crossing guards, criminal investigators, and traffic safety administrators.

Jenkintown PA is best known for being the setting of The Goldbergs, but it’s a quaint and residential town without major attractions, making it one of the quietest and safest cities in PA. It’s one of the wealthiest and most educated communities in the Philadelphia area. The median household income is nearly twice the state average, and 21% of residents earn over $200,000 a year. 64.6% of residents have a bachelor’s degree, roughly twice the state average of 33.1%.

Manor College, a private Catholic college, is based in Jenkintown. Manor is known for its dental hygiene programs, with Manor students receiving a hands-on education that involves treating members of the Jenkintown community.

Haddonfield | Most Walkable and Green Philadelphia Suburb

  • Population: 12,550
  • Median household income: $159,323
  • Median home price: $815,000
  • Crime rate: 1,235.1 offenses per 100,000 people

Haddonfield’s crime rate is 76.7% lower than the Philadelphia average and 47.4% lower than the national average. The Haddonfield Police Department employs 21 full-time police officers, two special law enforcement officers, and two parking enforcement officers. It also has a police auxiliary with civilian volunteers who respond to emergencies and regularly patrol the area. The Haddonfield Fire Department is the second-oldest fire department in continuous service in America, starting in 1764.

Haddonfield is in New Jersey, but the township is just 13 miles from Philadelphia, making it one of the best choices for people who want to live in New Jersey while commuting to work. Many residents consider Haddonfield to be one of the best Philadelphia suburbs for families and one of the best places to live outside of Philadelphia, in large because it is one of the most walkable suburbs in Philadelphia. Haddonfield NJ is very small, covering just 2.84 square miles, so you can walk to any home or business in the community. The community has smooth and paved sidewalks and streetlights, so you can walk your dog or go out by yourself at night and visit various Haddonfield parks, including Pennypacker Park.

Malvern | Historic and Safe Suburb of Philadelphia

  • Malvern PA population: 3,419
  • Median household income: $110,179
  • Median home price: $742,500
  • Crime rate: 234 offenses per 100,000 people

The Malvern PA crime rate is 95.6% lower than the Philadelphia average and 90% lower than the national average. Malvern reported no violent crimes in 2022 and just eight non-violent property crimes. The Malvern Police Department has reported a steady decline in crime since 2016, when they reported 35 crimes. Unlike the safest cities in PA that have only full-time officers, the department has six full-time officers and several part-time officers who regularly patrol the community.

Malvern PA is best known for being the site of the Battle of Paoli, a conflict during the American Revolutionary War. You can visit Paoli Battlefield Historical Park, a 40-acre park with monuments and historical reenactments commemorating the battle. Paoli Battlefield contains walking and jogging trails open to the public year-round, unlike other safe suburbs of Philadelphia that have only seasonal attractions.

Collegeville | Quiet Philadelphia Suburb for Young Professionals and Students

  • Collegeville PA population: 5,043
  • Median household income: $93,934
  • Median home price: $680,000
  • Crime rate: 575 offenses per 100,000 people

Collegeville’s crime rate is 89.1% lower than the Philadelphia crime rate and 75.5% lower than the national average. The Collegeville Police Department employs eight full-time police officers and receives additional services from Montgomery County SWAT. The department uses many modern tools to achieve low crime rates in Collegeville, including a Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer (SMART). SMART is a speed display unit that lets drivers see how fast they are driving, letting them slow their vehicles down and avoid going over the speed limit.

Ursinus College is based in Collegeville; US News ranks Ursinus in the top 100 national liberal arts colleges. Ursinus offers 60 courses of study, including health and exercise physiology. The college has a strong emphasis on experiential learning, offering summer programs and honors courses where students can perform original research on their favorite subjects. Collegeville PA has a median age of 25.2, making it one of the youngest communities in America. Many young professionals live in the community and work at businesses near the college.

North Wales | A Casual Suburb With a Well-Connected Police Department

  • Population of North Wales: 3,426
  • Median household income: $117,750
  • Median home price: $950,000
  • Crime rate: 496.2 offenses per 100,000 people

The North Wales crime rate is 90.6% lower than the Philadelphia average and 78.8% lower than the national average. The North Wales Police Department has partnerships with numerous community groups, including the Women’s Center of Montgomery County, which helps with domestic violence and spousal abuse. Partnerships between the North Wales police and these groups help reduce the crime rate in North Wales.

North Wales PA is in the North Penn Valley, which is one of the most rural and undeveloped safest Philadelphia suburbs. The community has paved roads and the North Wales train station, but it does not contain any major businesses. Streets have many trees, providing shade and making the borough feel woodsy. Residents have access to small parks like 9th Street Park and Second Street Park, which have open fields for play, sports, and dog walking.

Map of the Safest Suburbs of Philadelphia

You can use this map to find the safest places to live in PA and the safest cities in Pennsylvania.

There’s a lot to like about the safest suburbs of Philadelphia! Townships, boroughs, and cities like Upper Providence have crime rates that are at least 75% lower than Philadelphia’s. Police departments in the safest Philadelphia suburbs have access to experienced law enforcement officials, modern tools, and community organizations that reduce crime.

While living in safe Philadelphia cities, you can also enjoy going to some of America’s best colleges and parks, using public transportation, and visiting locally run stores and restaurants. But you must figure out who the top movers near Philadelphia are.

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