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Packing to Help Make Your Move Less of a Chore

Congratulations! You have secured a new home! Whether you are buying or renting, upsizing or downsizing, or simply just change your scenery, you have found the next place to call home. This can be an extremely exciting time. You have a blank canvass that you get to fill with your life and style. Unfortunately, with all of the excitement comes the huge chore of packing and actually moving. This process, alone, can be enough to stop a person from looking for a new place to call home. However, here are some ideas that can help you make packing less of a chore and much more of an efficient process.

1. Organize and Pack Well

Packing is a process. In order to pack well and make the most of each box, it is essential to organize your items first. Pack like items together, making unpacking an easier process. Make sure your box is secure before you begin loading it. It may be a great idea to line the bottom of the box with packing paper or peanuts to protect the items inside from damage. Finally, when packing the box, do not overload it or leave too much empty space. Either can be detrimental to the items inside of the box.

2. Make Sure You Can Lift the Box

People love to pack as much as possible into as tiny a space as possible. We see it regularly when people pack a suitcase for vacation. However, when moving, this is the worst idea. Overpacking a box and making it too heavy can cause the box to break or cause you to break your back in the process. Make sure you can lift any box you pack. Most boxes will have the weight they can handle printed somewhere on the box. Do not exceed that weight limit. Half way through your packing process, lift the box. Use your judgment to determine how much room you have left to pack. Before closing the box, lift it once again to ensure it is manageable (typically 30 lbs or less for larger boxes, 10 lbs or less for smaller boxes).

3. Label Well

Labeling is a large piece of the puzzle when it comes time to load your truck and unpack your new home. In order to be effective in the process, label the box with the following information: destination room; items in the box; and fragile (if the items are fragile). This will help make the entire process easier with few to no casualties as a result of the move.

4. Take Care of Your Fragile Items

Whether you are packing dining plates, keepsakes, or fine china, fragile items require special care. Make sure to wrap your fragile items in packing paper to add a layer of protection. Certain keepsakes make require bubble wrap, if they are especially fragile. Do not overload the items into a box. Fragile items should not be jammed into a space. Finally, do not leave too much empty space in the box, as to avoid the items being able to slide around within the box.

5. Take Your Time

Each room takes time to pack. Therefore, do not wait until the last minute to pack your home. Each bedroom will add an extra one to two days of packing time for your home. Remember that packing your kitchen and fragile items will take more time that packing clothing and pillows. Spend your time organizing your electronics and protecting your valuables to make sure your move is as smooth as possible.

If you are in need of help with packing and moving, it may be best to call the experts. The experts at Suburban Solutions can help you organize, pack, and move, keeping the process as stress-free as possible. Call today at 1-888-Sub-Solv for your free quote.


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