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Moving to Florida from PA Tips [2024] | 🏄 Pennsylvania to Florida Movers

Last Updated on: 11th January 2024, 08:25 pm

If you’re planning on moving to Florida, you definitely aren’t alone. How many people move to Florida every day? More than 900 people move to FL every day. That’s nearly 330,000 in the past year – more than the entire population of Pittsburgh!

Florida has become the #1 destination for relocating, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to affordable home prices, low taxes, beautiful weather, and job opportunities.

Here’s what to know about moving from PA to FL from the top-rated PA to Florida moving company for a seamless transition.

What Is Moving to Florida Like?

What should you expect after moving to FL from Pennsylvania? While the culture and lifestyle depends on the area, you’ll definitely need to adjust to the change in climate. Florida summers are very hot and humid, but winters are mild and pleasant. No snow, no shoveling, and no need to spend your mornings de-icing and warming up the car for work.

Florida is known for its laid-back environment, great outdoor recreation, and non-stop action. If you’re moving to one of the top tourist destinations, you can expect a lot of traffic and it’s a good idea to be careful driving around so many out-of-towners. Some Florida cities are known as retirement destinations with a relaxed atmosphere and affordable home prices. Many of Florida’s “party cities” are popular with millennials and singles thanks to an exciting nightlife and beach parties.

The Florida Panhandle is the most conservative area of the state with a culture and lifestyle more aligned with the South. By comparison, South and Southeast Florida are urban, more liberal, and more densely populated.


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Benefits of Moving to Florida from PA

Florida definitely has a lot of appeal. When you compare Pennsylvania vs Florida, you’ll find these are the top reasons to make the move.

Affordable Cost of Living in Florida vs Pennsylvania with Low Taxes

The cost of living in Pennsylvania is lower than average with a cost of living index of 92.5. By comparison, the cost of living in Florida is almost 3% above the U.S. average. However, that doesn’t tell the whole story!

On average, you’ll pay $245,000 for a home in Pennsylvania vs Florida’s average home price of $425,000. Of course, that includes a lot of small, rural communities in PA which bring down the average price. Pennsylvania only has two large cities, after all! The cost of living in Pittsburgh is closer to the national average and Philadelphia is more expensive than the national average.

Moving from Philadelphia to Florida highlights much lower living expenses compared to relocating from one of PA’s small cities or towns.

Moving from PA to Florida means saying goodbye to high taxes.


PA vs FL Taxes Property Taxes Income Taxes Sales Tax
National average 1.08% 2.85% to 4.8% 5.75%
Florida 0.98% None 6%
Pennsylvania 1.58% 3.07% flat rate 6% (8% in Philly)

Lower Crime in FL vs Pennsylvania

One of the major reasons for moving from PA to Florida is its lower crime rate. Every year, about 60,000 leave Philadelphia alone and the #1 reason is public safety and crime. Overall, Pennsylvania and Florida both have crime rates lower than the national average, but moving from Philadelphia to Florida is a different story.


Crime Per 100k Overall Crime Property Crime Violent Crime
National 2,346 1,958 388
Pennsylvania 2,034 1,644 390
Florida 2,153 1,769 384
Philadelphia 4,006 3,097 909
Miami 3,305 2,750 556
Tampa 1,885 1,365 520


In 2020, the Florida crime dropped for the 50th year in a row. Meanwhile, Philadelphia crime is notorious with a record-high number of homicides with around 550 people killed in 2022. In 2020, there were 1,009 homicides in Pennsylvania compared to 1,290 in Florida which has almost twice the population!

Excellent Climate Without the Snow

Tired of snow and looking forward to more time in the sun? The weather is definitely a benefit of moving to FL from PA! While Pennsylvania gets an average of 38” of snow and 44” of rain every year with just 179 average sunny days, Florida gets virtually no snow, 55” of rain, and 237 sunny days.

While you’ll need to adjust to the humidity and brutal summer highs with almost 80 days with high temperatures over 90 degrees, winters in Florida are a dream. As comfortable as summers are in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, winters are miserable if you hate the cold and shoveling snow.

Warm Florida Beaches

Dreaming of spending your weekends on the beach, soaking up the sun, playing volleyball, or swimming? Moving to Florida means you can enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the country any day of the week!

You’ll find a little bit of everything depending on which city you choose. Daytona Beach, Destin, Hollywood Beach, and Miami Beach are known for their exciting nightlife and younger beach crowds. Southeast and South Florida are perfect if you want year-round swimming with the warmest waters. The Tampa Bay area is one of the best places to live in Florida for safety, affordability, and warm beaches.

Top Attractions, Entertainment & Outdoor Recreation

While living in Philadelphia means you have some of the country’s top historical and cultural attractions at your fingertips, you may be ready for a change. No matter which metro area you choose, living in Florida means outstanding outdoor recreation, a fun nightlife, and exciting attractions around every corner.

If you’re moving to Orlando from PA, you can spend weekends at America’s top theme parks like Universal Orlando and Disney World. Moving from Pennsylvania to Miami? You’ll fall in love with Everglades National Park, Miami Beach’s Art Deco District, amazing museums, and non-stop nightlife. The Tampa Bay area boasts world-class beaches, the Florida Aquarium, and the Dali museum!

Florida Is a Great Retirement Destination

Moving to Florida from PA for retirement? Florida is one of the best states for retirement. It’s tax-friendly for seniors with a low cost of living, warm weather year-round, a great quality of life, and some of the country’s best retirement communities!

Movers to Florida from PA – How PA to FL Moving Companies Can Help

Even relocating within the same city is stressful, but a long-distance move across the country is challenging on a whole different level! Long-distance moving companies in Philadelphia take the hard work out of your PA to FL move by handling the logistics, heavy lifting, loading, and transportation.

Here are just some of the ways you can benefit by working with moving companies from PA to FL.

  • Professional packing reduces worry and saves countless hours
  • No heavy lifting or bending necessary!
  • Customized level of service to fit your budget if you want to do some/all of the packing or other tasks yourself
  • Careful prep of your home to avoid scratched floors and damage to walls and door frames
  • Storage at your origin or destination helps you navigate logistical challenges and avoid self-storage
  • Belongings transported by a licensed professional so you aren’t driving a large commercial vehicle hundreds of miles
  • A dedicated move coordinator oversees all the details to avoid worry and delays


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Why Suburban Solutions Is Your Best PA to FL Moving Company

Moving to FL is complicated enough; you don’t need the added stress and headache of inexperienced movers or damaged belongings. To choose PA to FL movers you can trust, we recommend looking for the following.

  • Licensed and insured to protect you
  • Uniformed, experienced, background checked crews
  • Low claims rate
  • Positive reviews without concerning complaints filed with the FMCSA or BBB
  • Years of experience performing long-distance relocations
  • Level of service you are looking for
  • Transparent pricing without large upfront deposits and hidden fees

With more than ten years of experience handling long-distance moves of all sizes, Suburban Solutions is your best choice for a seamless move. Our team of 80+ movers and drivers make moving to Florida from PA a positive experience. We have earned more than 1,200 positive reviews on Google and Yelp thanks to our commitment to transparent, honest pricing and superb customer service.

With Suburban Solutions, you get peace of mind knowing your belongings won’t change trucks or be combined with another shipment. You can track the truck the entire way and rest easy with our guaranteed delivery date to your Florida home.

PA to FL Moving Cost – How Much Does Moving to Florida from PA Cost?

Moving from PA to FL with professional movers doesn’t cost as much as you may think! And with Suburban Solutions, you benefit from transparent pricing and a guaranteed delivery date.

Moving from Philadelphia to Florida is usually a 2- or 3-day move. Depending on the type of move and details, you can expect a price of $4,000 to $7,000 for full-service PA to FL movers who handle everything!

You can learn more about our long-distance moving services and pricing here!

How Far Is Pennsylvania from Florida? | Travel Information & Tips

With all the packing and loading finished, your belongings will be on their way to Florida. The next step is getting yourself and the family to your new home.

Planning to drive? It’s about 1,130 miles from Pennsylvania to Florida, depending on your origin and destination. Most of the entire drive is along I-95 S.

An alternative to driving is flying. You can fly out of Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) or Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) to major Florida cities. Interested in a more fun trip south? Travel from PA to FL by train! The Amtrak Silver Service/Palmetto route travels from Cornwell Heights, PA and Philadelphia, PA with more than one dozen Florida destinations including Jacksonville, Winter Park, Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

Are you ready to start soaking up the sun in Florida? Give us a call at Suburban Solutions to discuss your upcoming relocation and get a free, affordable estimate from the best PA to Florida movers!


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