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Leaving a home, saying goodbye to friends, and interrupting a little one’s routine might seem a bit overwhelming. Regardless of their age, moving with children is not always easy. Luckily there are different ways to minimize the stress and while they might not completely eliminate the challenge ahead, it could ease the moving process. The following are some tips that staff at our moving company have to offer.

  1. Get Your Children Involved

In between finding a new home, packing your belongings, and coordinating with your moving company, it’s easy to turn on a movie for the children while you take care of these things. While this might work, it’s not always effective. If you notice your children’s emotions are heightened during the moving process ask them to help you with things like:

  • Running a yard/garage sale
  • Choosing the top 3 or 4 colors to paint the walls
  • Buying flowers for the new garden
  • Packing a few boxes with unbreakable toys and items
  • Decorating these boxes with new markers and stickers
  1. Build a Fort on Moving Day

Most children love forts. Ask your moving company for a couple of extra boxes and take a 10 or 15 minutes to help your children build a fun fort to play in. This can be especially useful on moving day when all of your items are being put into boxes.

  1. Prepare the Children

If you have many months to prepare for your move, or even weeks, be sure to sit with your children and prepare them for what lies ahead. Talk to them about their new home, show them pictures, and describe their new school. You might even show them pictures of activities to do, or if it’s not too far, take them there and show them for yourself.

  1. Plan a Visit to Your New Neighborhood

If possible, before moving day, try to take your children to their new neighborhood. Go for  walking tour of the area and visit a nearby park or recreation area. This eases up any surprises by helping the children to know exactly what they can expect.

5. Have a Farewell Party

Your children might have some fears about their new home, new school, making new friends, and leaving behind the life they know. To ease their fears host a farewell party. This can help to give your children closure and peace of mind in knowing everything will be okay. You might also host a welcome party in your new home which would give you the chance to invite your neighbors and local children

  1. Minimize the Change

Young children in particular do best with with a set routine and very little disruption or change. If you are moving to a new house or state, try to do certain things in the same way to maintain familiarity. For example:

  • Set up the bedroom the same way
  • Maintain the same morning or daily routine
  • Preserve any traditions like family moving night
  1. Pack a Special Moving Day Bag

Many parents prepare a special moving day bag for their children. This has been very favorable for children of all ages. Because boxes may take time to arrive, you’ll want to pack a bag with items your children will need. The special moving bag could have things like:

  • Their favorite stuffed animal or blanket
  • Snacks
  • A new book
  • A new toy or game
  • A note from you

Little Things Matter to Children

By practicing these easy tips on moving with children, you can help to reduce stress or worry and make moving a little bit more exciting. Consider hiring one of the professional moving companies Philadelphia, PA offers, like Suburban Solutions, to help the process go smoothly.


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