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Moving to Lansdowne, PA

Is Lansdowne PA a Good Place to Live? [2024] | 🤩ULTIMATE Moving to Lansdowne Tips

Last Updated on: 11th January 2024, 08:25 pm

Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, is a tiny borough of just 1.2 square miles in eastern Delaware County that was incorporated in 1893. Darby Creek forms the southern and southwest border of the borough. Lansdowne has an interesting history of serving as a vacation resort for people living in Philadelphia. People would travel by horse and railroad to relax in Victorian homes in the borough, many of which have been turned into apartment buildings now. Today, Lansdowne is known for its arts scene, quality restaurants, and the commitment to civic engagement. The borough is working to preserve the lovely, Victorian homes.

The motto of Lansdowne is “Discover Lansdowne”, although minors aren’t encouraged to discover anything beyond the curfew! The borough has a curfew, where minors ages 16 and under must be off the streets and alleyways by 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends, and curfew for ages 17 and 18 is 10pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends.

Lansdowne is home to many arts and music organizations, including Jamey’s House of Music, Celebration Theater, and the Lansdowne Arts Festival. Several notable people have lived in Lansdowne, including Joan Jett, rock and roll musician, Jeff LaBar from Cinderella, and Larry Mendte, a former anchorman for CBS3 in Philadelphia.

Lansdowne PA Population & Demographics

The population of Lansdowne, PA is 10,637 in a 1.2 square mile area. There are over 9,003 people per square mile and 51% of the population is female. About 46% of the population is black, 41% is white, and 4% is Asian. The median age of residents in the Borough is 44.7 and the median household income is about 80% of the amount of the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MD metro area, at $63,224.

Living in Lansdowne is safe, there are only 169 violent crimes per 100,000 people, which is nearly 54% lower than the national average of 367 violent crimes per 100,000 people. The Lansdowne Police Department works to keep the residents safe with 15 full time police officers on staff.

Cost of Living in Lansdowne, PA

The cost of living in Lansdowne is 16% higher than the national average according to You can expect to pay about 32% higher housing costs, 25% higher utilities, and 16% more for groceries.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family consisting of two adults and two children requires an annual income over $94,000 to afford living in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Lansdowne Everyday Living Costs provides a list of typical living expenses for the Philadelphia area:

  • Monthly utilities (electricity, heat, cooling, garbage, water): $159.10
  • Gallon of Milk: $4.23
  • Dozen eggs – $2.19
  • Bottle of wine (midrange) – $13.50
  • Housing Expenses
  • Lansdowne average home price: $175,000 (up 3.9% from last year)
  • Lansdowne average apartment rent: $1,045 (

Lansdowne Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Lansdowne

The borough of Lansdowne features three main neighborhoods: Borough Center, East Lansdowne, and West Lansdowne. The best places to live in Lansdowne tend to be in the western areas of the borough, while more affordable homes are found in the northeast regions.

Borough Center

The Borough Center neighborhood has more same-sex couples living together than nearly 98% of all neighborhoods in the US! The urban area also features low levels of child poverty.

East Lansdowne

East Lansdowne is ranked #3 most diverse suburb in Pennsylvania.

West Lansdowne

The average age of residents in this neighborhood is 52, and 75% of the population own their homes.

The average commute of people living in Lansdowne is 31 minutes, just under the national average of 34 minutes. Many people make the 26 minute, 7 mile commute from Lansdowne to Philadelphia for work or recreation opportunities.

When you’ve chosen your neighborhood, check out this listing of Lansdowne, PA homes for sale to get started on your house-hunting adventure!

Lansdowne Weather & Climate

The weather in Lansdowne fluctuates from extremely cold and snowy during the winter months to hot and humid during the summer months. Temperatures vary from 26°F to 87°F typically, rarely dipping below 13°F or going above 94°F. If you prefer warm weather activities like swimming, visiting parks, and wearing your favorite shorts and tank tops – you’ll especially enjoy living in Lansdowne from mid-June to late September.

Things to Do in Lansdowne, PA

While it may seem there are few things to do or places to go within Lansdowne, don’t despair! The city of Philadelphia is only 7 miles away with an endless amount of fun activities, events, museums, and attractions. You won’t run out of points of interest if you expand your search to include nearby Philly. The Lansdowne Parks and Recreation site also maintains several parks for the community and the Lansdowne YMCA offers additional recreation and fitness opportunities for members.

Sycamore Park

Located at the intersection of LaCrosse and Wycombe Avenues, Sycamore Park is an acre of land in a meditative setting. The park is ideal to visit alone or a nice place for couples. It’s home to the symbol of Lansdowne. There are benches to relax and enjoy the shade from the 300+ year old Sycamore tree.

37 E Lacrosse Ave, Lansdowne, PA 19050

Philadelphia Museum of Art Steps

Are you a “Rocky” fan? Visit the iconic stairs from the movie for fun photo-op with the Rocky statue, and views of Philadelphia. Then, head inside to immerse yourself in the Philly arts scene – the museum is home to 200 galleries of world-class art and a top stop for adult date night or to share an educational experience with the kids.

2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130, 215-763-8100

Franklin Square

The Franklin Square tops the list of can’t miss things to do with the kids in the Lansdowne – Philadelphia area! Centered on a 180-year old historic fountain, the park features a classic carousel, a fun mini-golf course, and a burger joint, ‘SquareBurger’ for when you get hungry. Entrance to the park is free, but attractions require admission.

200 N 6th St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, 215-629-4026

Philadelphia Zoo

An exciting way to spend the day in the Lansdowne area, the Philadelphia Zoo is a large zoo with over 1,300 animals, an education center for the kids, and several endangered or rare species. While you’re there, take the fun to the next level with the Nature Blazer Scavenger Hunt complete with a smart compass, challenges, and trivia via an interactive mobile app.

3400 W. Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104, 215-243-1100

Additional Attractions in Lansdowne and Philadelphia

Convenient Shopping in Lansdowne

Keep an eye on the events in Lansdowne with this calendar of events.

Lansdowne PA Restaurants

Empire Diner

A busy diner open 24 hours a day, featuring an extensive menu of American favorite comfort foods like sandwiches, hoagies, wraps; Italian fare, quesadillas, burgers, and barbecue. Empire Diner is the best place to go when you’re not sure what you want because the menu variety can help you find something deliciously satisfying.

106 E Baltimore Ave, Lansdowne, PA 19050, 610-622-1662

Paul Revere Pizza House

In business since 1966, the Paul Revere Pizza House has been voted the top pizza shop in Delaware County for four years in a row. Order your favorite pizza or try one of the unique blends like the South Philly Upside Down pizza, Roasted Pork Pizza, and Buffalo Chicken Pizza. If you’re not in the mood for Pizza, the Pizza House also offers hoagies, Italian entrees, appetizers, platters, and dessert.

193 Shadeland Ave, Lansdowne, PA 19050, 610-259-9214

Foos Grill

For the best seafood in Lansdowne, head to Foos Grill! The menu includes perfectly cooked fish, fried shrimp, and sandwiches with all tasty meals served at reasonable prices. Wednesday is $1 shrimp day!

2 N Lansdowne Ave, Lansdowne, PA 19050, 267-275-8282

Station Tap

Five minutes from Lansdowne, Station Tap offers modern cuisine, healthy menu options, craft bears, and seasonal cocktails. Traditional bar grub but made with high quality ingredients, you can enjoy appetizers, salads, sandwiches, chicken wings, and burgers.

4201 Ferne Blvd, Drexel Hill, PA 19026, 484-469-3222

Jobs in Lansdowne

The highest paying industries in Lansdowne are real estate and rentals at about $151,000 per year, wholesale trade at $76,000 per year, and professional, scientific and technical services at $63,000 a year. If you’re looking for the industries that employ the most people, check into health care and social assistance jobs, retail trade, and educational services.

Here’s a list of jobs in Lansdowne to get you started on your search. You can also view the available Lansdowne government jobs.

Lansdowne PA Schools

Families living in Lansdowne are served by the William Penn School District, consisting of 8 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school. In addition, for students who perform better in a non-traditional setting, William Penn’s Personalized Learning Community (PLC) offers tuition-free online education.

There are about 5,000 students in the district which consists of the communities of Aldan, Colwyn, Darby, East Lansdowne, Lansdowne, and Yeadon Boroughs.

Students and families enjoy access to the free Lansdowne Public Library.

Lansdowne PA Statistics & Information

Map of Lansdowne PA

Use this Lansdowne, PA map to find even more things to do, restaurants and diners, and attractions.

Pros & Cons of Living in Lansdowne PA

  • Pro: Philadelphia is only 7 miles away.
  • Pro: There are many parks and a YMCA right in the borough.
  • Pro: Nights are fairly quiet thanks to the borough curfew.
  • Con: The cost of living is slightly higher than the US average.

Ready to Live in Lansdown, PA?

Now that you know so much about Lansdown, you’re probably ready to move to the borough! Don’t fret over the list of things to do when it comes to relocating, just call the best Lansdown, PA movers for a no obligation quote at 301-928-8669.


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