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Living in Berwyn PA | Guide to Moving to Berwyn

Living in Berwyn PA | 🏘 Your Guide on Moving to Berwyn

Last Updated on: 10th April 2024, 06:39 pm

Living in Berwyn PA is the best! William Penn gained control of the area around Berwyn in 1682. Welsh Quakers moved in and were soon joined by settlers from Europe. Berwyn was rural and largely inhabited until the Philadelphia and Columbia Railroad was built in the mid-1800s. Berwyn developed as a village along the railroad and received various names, including “Cocheltown,” “Reeseville,” and “Glassley.” It got the name Berwyn in 1877, named after the Berwyn moorland range in Wales.

Berwyn remained a small railroad town through the 20th century, and it is now today a quaint census-designated place. It is best known for its rural character and top schools, making it a great family-friendly community. Is Berwyn a good place to live? Yes, Berwyn is a great place to live, especially if you’re looking for a peaceful atmosphere and convenient access to Philadelphia.

But before you start moving to Berwyn, you need to research living in Berwyn, so you make the most out of this wonderful community. Here’s what you should know about Berwyn PA.

Where Is Berwyn PA?

What county is Berwyn PA in? Berwyn is in Chester County, inside the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Berwyn PA borders Paoli, Devon, and Wayne. Berwyn is in the Main Line Philadelphia, so most people consider it a suburb of Philadelphia. It is 21.7 miles from Berwyn PA to Philadelphia, but Berwyn is a largely rural community with thousands of trees and small parks, though there are no notable geographic features in or near the community. U.S. Route 30 runs through the northern part of the community, and the blocks near the route are more developed and contain small businesses.

The Berwyn SEPTA train station is a prominent commuter rail stop on the Paoli-Thorndale Line, a SEPTA Regional Rail Line that runs between West Philadelphia and Parkesburg. SEPTA Bus Route 106 stops at the Berwyn train station and runs between Paoli and Upper Darby, with stops in Bryn Mawr and Ardmore.

Berwyn Population and Berwyn Demographics

The population of Berwyn is 3,621; the Berwyn population rose by 1.4% between 2010 and 2020. The population dipped down to 3,110 people in 2015 before increasing steadily over the last few years. The population density is 1,988.4 people per square mile. Berwyn is one of the smallest communities in Chester County, yet its population density is nearly three times higher than the countywide density.

Notable people from Berwyn include David Eisenhower, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, and Rachelle Ferrell. Notable Berwyn demographics include:

  • 56.2% female, 43.8% male
  • Median age: 40.7
  • Racial and ethnic composition: 80.3% White (80.1% non-Hispanic), 13.6% Asian, 4.4% two or more races, 1.0% Hispanic or Latino, 0.5% Black or African American
  • Median household income: $102,101 (roughly 1.4 times higher than the state median)
  • Educational attainment: 96.4% of residents older than 25 have graduated high school, 74.7% have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Foreign-born population: 15.4%

Berwyn is well known as one of the most prosperous communities near Philadelphia. The median household income in Berwyn is 20% higher than the metro average. 29% of households make over $200,000 a year, nearly twice the metro average and nearly three times the statewide rate. Berwyn also has one of the highest rates of foreign-born people; its rate is over twice the statewide rate. The foreign-born community is diverse, with people moving to Berwyn from Canada, China, South Africa, El Salvador, and Portugal, amongst other countries.

Berwyn PA is a very safe community to live in. Here are Berwyn’s latest crime rates:

  • Overall crime rate: 336 offenses per 100,000 people (80.9% lower than the Pennsylvania crime rate, 85.5% lower than the national average)
  • Violent crime rate: 53 crimes per 100,000 people (81.1% lower than the Pennsylvania average, 85.7% lower than the national average)
  • Property crime rate: 282 offenses per 100,000 residents (81% lower than the Pennsylvania average, 85.6% lower than the national average)

The Tredyffrin Township Police Department provides law enforcement services in Berwyn. The department employs 42 sworn police officers.

Cost of Living in Berwyn

Berwyn cost of living statistics can be hard to find, so you can use statistics for the cost of living in Philadelphia to make an estimate. The Philadelphia cost of living index is 109.8. This means that items in the Philadelphia metro area cost 9.8% more than the national average. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four would need to earn $111,981 a year ($9,332 a month) to cover the cost of living in the Philadelphia metro area.

While nearly all expenses in the Philadelphia metro area are higher than the national average, you can save money by renting an apartment. Child care is one of the highest expenses for the cost of living in Berwyn, so if you don’t have children, you can live an affordable life.

Berwyn real estate can be expensive, though you have a few options for affordable homes or apartments. According to Redfin, the median sale price of homes for sale in Berwyn PA is $976,000, with an average price per square foot of $319. According to RentCafe, Berwyn apartments cost $1,979 a month on average, higher than the Philadelphia average but lower than most cities near Philadelphia.

Typical Berwyn* Living Expenses

  • 1 loaf of fresh white bread: $3.53
  • 12 eggs: $3.64
  • 1 pound of apples: $2.26
  • 1 pound of potatoes: $1.51
  • 1 gallon of gasoline: $3.83
  • Average Berwyn* utilities per month: $211.44
  • 1 pair of jeans: $55.71

Source: Numbeo

*Expenses actually for Philadelphia

Berwyn Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Berwyn

Berwyn does not have any neighborhoods due to its small size and rural character. The Berwyn PA real estate market is very small; only one home was sold in January 2024. You have a few options for single-family homes for sale in Berwyn PA, though the homes are similar to each other.

They are homes intended for large families, with at least two bedrooms and over 2,000 square feet of space. Most Berwyn homes for sale have over 4,000 square feet and yards covering nearly an acre, giving you plenty of room for playgrounds and landscapes. Some Berwyn homes for sale are newly constructed, while older properties have had renovations with new features like oversized kitchen islands and butler’s pantries.

Berwyn does not have any notable apartment complexes or condominiums. You have a few options for homes for rent or units within multi-family homes, and these properties are similar to homes for sale. Berwyn apartments are for large families, containing three or four bedrooms and over 2,000 square feet.

Berwyn Weather and Climate

Berwyn has a humid continental climate with warm and humid summers and chilly winters. July is the hottest month of the year, with an average temperature of 76 degrees and an average high of 85. Temperatures steadily fall through the late summer and fall and reach their lows in January. The average temperature in January is 31 degrees, with an average low of 33. Temperatures slowly rise through the late winter and spring, though conditions remain cold until April.

Berwyn weather is relatively cloudy throughout the year, with over half of days being overcast or mostly cloudy. The weather in Berwyn PA 19312 is also consistently rainy, with at least one week of precipitation and two inches of rain falling every month. The wet Berwyn weather creates substantial humidity in the summer, with 15.6 days in July being muggy or oppressive. Berwyn receives a total of 37.9 inches of rain and 23.8 inches of snow. Rainstorms can appear suddenly, especially during the summer, so you should check the Berwyn weather radar before going out.

October is the best month to visit Berwyn. October is one of the clearest months of the year in Berwyn, with 62% clear, mostly clear, and partly cloudy days. The average temperature is 55 degrees, mild enough that you can go outside wearing a jacket but not a thick coat. October is also the peak of the foliage season in Berwyn PA, so you can look at beautiful fall colors while outside.

Things to Do in Berwyn

Berwyn PA may be small, but you can enjoy many different Berwyn things to do, including kid-friendly points of interest. Berwyn contains a few stores, including Goodwill Berwyn and Play It Again Sports, one of the largest sporting goods stores in the Philadelphia area. You can also visit a few car dealerships, including Keystone Volvo of Berwyn and Fred Beans Volkswagen of Devon.

Upper Main Line YMCA

The Upper Main Line YMCA is the best place for sports and active activities. You can exercise in outdoor and indoor swimming pools, pickleball courts, and basketball courts. You can also enjoy a unique archery range, make art in pottery studios, and sign up for group exercise programs, including ones for kids.

1416 Berwyn Paoli Road, Berwyn, PA, 19312, 610-647-9622

Johnson Park

Johnson Park is an outdoor community park conveniently located near the Easttown Library and other attractions in Berwyn. The park contains an all-purpose field, basketball courts, and a tot-lot, making it a great place for walking, running, and sports.

198 Bridge Avenue, Berwyn, PA, 19312, 610-687-3000

Footlighters Theater

Footlighters Theater is the oldest community theater in the Main Line Philadelphia. You can view theatrical and musical performances at the theater throughout the year, including family-friendly shows.

58 Main Avenue, Berwyn, PA, 19312, 610-296-9245

Additional Things to Do in Berwyn

The Tredyffrin Township Parks and Recreation Department manages public spaces in Berwyn PA. The department also plans special events, including holiday parties on Easter, Christmas, and Halloween; you can use the Tredyffrin Parks and Rec calendar to find out when these events will take place and sign up for them.

Berwyn Restaurants

The Philadelphia area contains numerous great restaurants and unique foods like soft pretzels, water ice, and roast pork sandwiches. You can find these foods and other delicacies in restaurants in Berwyn, enjoying casual and upscale experiences at affordable prices.

La Cabra Brewing

La Cabra Brewing is a brewpub with a selection of classic American dishes, including burgers, chicken wings, and tacos. You can enjoy IPAs, ales, hard seltzers, and other drinks on tap throughout the day or during happy hour, when drinks cost just $4.

642 Lancaster Avenue, Berwyn, PA, 19312, 610-240-7908

Nectar Restaurant and Lounge

Nectar Berwyn is an upscale pan-Asian restaurant known for its sushi and noodle dishes, as well as roasted foie gras and grilled filet mignon. Nectar Berwyn is a top restaurant for dates and private events, and you can rent out the space whenever you want.

1091 Lancaster Avenue, Berwyn, PA, 19312, 610-725-9000

Berwyn Pizza

Berwyn Pizza is a kid-friendly and casual pizzeria that has served residents living in Berwyn for over 30 years. The restaurant offers pizzas, hoagies, strombolis, and gyros for less than $15, making it one of the best Berwyn restaurants for a quick and affordable lunch or dinner.

1026 Lancaster Avenue, Berwyn, PA, 19312, 610-647-6339

Berwyn Jobs

1,562 people have jobs in Berwyn. Professional services, real estate, and finance are the three largest sectors for Berwyn jobs, with each sector having median earnings of over $50,000 a year. 27.5% of Berwyn jobs are management positions with median earnings of over $250,000 annually. According to Payscale, the average annual salary of Berwyn jobs is $87,000, while the average base rate is $21.28 an hour.

The largest employers in Berwyn include Accenture, Morgan Stanley, and Liberty Mutual Insurance. You can use Indeed to research and apply for jobs in Berwyn, and you can apply for Tredyffrin Township jobs on the township government’s website.

Berwyn Schools

The Tredyffrin/Easttown School District (TESD) is the primary Berwyn school district, serving all students living in Berwyn. Hillside Elementary School is in Berwyn and is the elementary school for all students in the community. US News ranks Hillside Elementary School in the top ten elementary schools in Pennsylvania. 92% of students test at or above the proficiency level in reading, the third-highest rate of any elementary school in Pennsylvania.

Tredyffrin Easttown Middle School is also in Berwyn. US News ranks it in the top ten middle schools in the state. Tredyffrin Easttown Middle School ranks in the top ten middle schools in Pennsylvania for standardized test scores in mathematics and reading. 66% of students test at or above the proficiency level in mathematics, twice the state average.

Conestoga High School is the only high school in the TESD. US News ranks it in the top five high schools in Pennsylvania and in the top 300 high schools nationwide. 97% of students at Conestoga High School go to a college or university after their studies. Conestoga is home to various extracurricular programs, including a student-run news website, a literary magazine, and 17 athletics teams, most of which have won state championships.

There are no colleges or private schools in Berwyn PA. The Easttown Library is in Berwyn, and it offers thousands of books, DVDs, and museum passes for free.

Berwyn Statistics

  • County: Chester County
  • Township: Tredyffrin and Easttown
  • Berwyn area: 1.86 square miles
  • Berwyn zip code: 19312
  • Berwyn PA area code: 610 and 484
  • Berywn elevation: 520 feet
  • Berwyn time zone: Eastern Time Zone (UTC-5)
  • Closest airport to Berwyn: Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), 19.8 miles from Berwyn

Berwyn PA Map

You can find the best restaurants in Berwyn PA, things to do, and amenities using this Berwyn map.

It’s time to start moving to Berwyn PA! Berwyn has safe streets, spacious and luxurious homes for sale, and some of the best schools in Pennsylvania, making it a perfect community for families with young children. Even if you’re living by yourself, you’ll enjoy the delicious restaurants and friendly atmosphere.

But before you can start living in Berwyn, you must find out who the best Berwyn movers are. Suburban Solutions is the most trusted moving company in Berwyn, with a 98% customer referral rate. Call 610-314-6868 for a free estimate today.


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