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Moving from Philadelphia to Atlanta | 🥇 #1 Philly to Atlanta Movers

Last Updated on: 11th January 2024, 08:26 pm

Are you considering moving to Atlanta? You aren’t alone! In 2019, Georgia was one of the top 10 states where Americans moved according to census data. Among people who moved to metro Atlanta, the Philadelphia metro area was the 4th most common place of origin after New York, Miami, and Chicago.

One of the biggest reasons so many people are moving from Philadelphia to Atlanta is to take advantage of a lower cost of living. Atlanta is more affordable than living in Philadelphia despite rising home prices in the ATL thanks to its booming population and ever-growing job market. You’ll pay about the same to rent in either city, but in Atlanta, you can afford a safer neighborhood with more amenities for the same price. Metro Atlanta’s strong and diverse economy is also a draw, not to mention its lower crime and warmer climate!

As excited as you may be about the opportunities awaiting you in Atlanta, a long-distance move can also be stressful and frightening. Here’s everything you want to know about what you can expect and how a dependable Philadelphia to Atlanta moving company can make your transition easier.


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What Is Moving to Atlanta Like?

When you compare Atlanta vs Philadelphia, you’ll see some similarities between the two cities which are very close in size (although Atlanta recently surpassed Philly!). However, they have very different vibes, lifestyles, and opportunities.

You’ll definitely feel like you’re living in the South in Atlanta. The city’s vibe is fun and friendly, and you’ll find most people readily engage in warm pleasantries. There are also a lot of transplants in Atlanta. Philadelphia has a more authentic feel and a sense of camaraderie. The city has long been a bastion of the blue-collar worker, and it has a more urban, raw feel.

The Southern friendliness can be a bit of an adjustment after moving from Philly where, like most Northeastern cities, people are sometimes described as blunt and direct. While Southern hospitality is considered a display of good manners, people from the Northeast and Midwest often interpret it as fake and find it hard to know where they stand.

There are some other adjustments you’ll need to make. When you compare Philadelphia vs Atlanta, you’ll find Philly comes out ahead in a few areas. One of the most important drawbacks of living in Atlanta is the transportation.

When it comes to public transportation, Philly’s the clear winner. SEPTA is more reliable, larger, more accessible, and easier to use and it’s the reason Philadelphia is one of the top ten best cities for public transportation.

Atlanta’s public transportation has some downsides, including limited operating hours. If you’re going out for a night on the town, you probably can’t count on MARTA to take you home. The general rule is MARTA in and Uber back out. As safe as MARTA is during the day, it transforms late and night and may be a bit frightening. The good news is MARTA does serve most major job centers in the Atlanta metro area and, in some neighborhoods, you can live car-free (with careful planning!) or at least save money on your commute to work.

It isn’t just public transportation you need to consider. ATL traffic is notorious and something you’ll need to get used to after moving to Atlanta from Philadelphia. Metro Atlanta’s traffic isn’t just bad – it’s one of the worst cities in the world for congestion. The average commuter experiences 37 hours of traffic delays every year while living in Atlanta.

Car-free living is easy in Philadelphia but only possible in a few Atlanta neighborhoods.


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These disadvantages aside, you’ll find a lot to love about living in Atlanta. It really feels like a collection of mini cities with neighborhoods and suburbs each having a very distinct culture and appearance. You’ll find wealthy and conservative neighborhoods, vibrant urban communities of artists and young professionals, and family-friendly neighborhoods that embrace diversity all right next to each other.

Benefits of Moving from Philadelphia to Atlanta

There are many great reasons to move to Atlanta from Philly. Here are just some of the advantages of living in Atlanta versus Philadelphia.

  • No more cold winters. Are you tired of the Philadelphia climate and freezing, long winters? After moving to Atlanta, you’ll enjoy very mild winters although there is a trade-off: the summers are very humid!
  • Lower cost of living in Philadelphia vs Atlanta. The Philadelphia cost of living is already quite affordable for a major metro area, but your money goes even further after moving from Philly to Atlanta! You will pay about 12% less after your move.
  • Atlanta has less crime. While both cities have crime rates above the national average and high violent crime, it’s much easier to avoid in Atlanta and concentrated in a smaller number of areas. The Philadelphia crime rate is also higher than Atlanta with more violent crime and murders in Philly.
  • Excellent nightlife. Philadelphia’s nightlife can’t compare to Atlanta! The ATL boasts tons of nightlife destinations with dive bars, cocktail lounges, hopping rooftop bars, nightclubs, music venues, and more.
  • Atlanta is a great place to raise kids. Moving from Philadelphia to Atlanta with kids? You’ll find Atlanta has a wider range of neighborhoods with the family-friendly amenities you’re looking for.


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Philadelphia to Atlanta Movers

Even the thought of packing up your entire home, loading a moving truck, and driving hundreds of miles is exhausting, but your Atlanta move should be something to look forward to! Professional Philadelphia to Atlanta movers make your long-distance move seamless, easy, and stress-free by handling all the heavy lifting and logistics. Here’s what we can do to help.

  • Dedicated move coordinator oversees your relocation and ensures it goes according to a tailored moving plan.
  • Your home is prepped to avoid any damage to floors, door frames, and walls.
  • You do not need to do any heavy lifting or bending to avoid injury.
  • Your belongings can be packed professionally to save you time and worry.
  • Storage at your origin or destination is a convenient solution to avoid moving twice with self-storage or other logistical challenges.
  • Your belongings are transported by licensed professionals. You won’t need to navigate the ATL’s notorious traffic in a large moving truck!

Why Suburban Solutions Is the Best Philadelphia to Atlanta Moving Company

Not all Philadelphia to Atlanta moving companies are equal. You deserve dependable services performed by friendly, knowledgeable professionals and honest pricing. Here’s what you should look for.

  • Licensed, insured movers
  • Movers who are uniformed, trained, and background checked
  • No BBB or FMCSA complaints
  • Low claims rate
  • Years of experience with long-distance moves
  • No hidden fees or high upfront deposits
  • Services you need

Suburban Solutions has earned a reputation as the best Philadelphia to Atlanta movers with a 10-year track record. Our 80+ drivers and movers have earned over 1,200 positive reviews by delivering the top-notch customer care you expect.

Unlike van lines and freight shipping companies, Suburban Solutions never combines shipments or changes trucks. That means a far lower risk of loss or damage and peace of mind. You can even track your belongings along the way and count on our guaranteed delivery date to Atlanta.

Philadelphia to Atlanta Moving Cost

How much does it cost to move from Philadelphia to Atlanta? To give you an accurate estimate, we will consider the distance, your moving dates, the services you need, storage requirements, the volume and type of belongings, and more.

Suburban Solutions is proud to offer guaranteed delivery dates and prices for long-distance moves. As a general guideline, your Philadelphia to Atlanta moving cost will be between $2,500 and $4,500 based on the factors above.

You can learn more about Philadelphia moving costs here.

Philadelphia to Atlanta Distance & Travel Info

With your belongings all loaded on the truck bound for your new home, it’s time for you to take the next step on your journey: getting there yourself!

It’s 12 and a half hours or 784 miles from Philadelphia to Atlanta along I-95 and I-85. If you’re driving, make sure you plan ahead to avoid the Atlanta metro area during rush hour!

If you aren’t moving a car or you’re planning to ship it ahead, you can skip the long drive and fly instead. Several airlines including American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, and Spirit offer 2-hour nonstop flights from Philadelphia (PHL) to Atlanta (ATL).

Want a more laid-back experience? Travel in style and comfort on Amtrak’s Crescent Train which runs from New York to Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Atlanta, and New Orleans. The trip takes about 17 hours, but a Viewliner Roomette gives you a private room with a bed, restroom, and shower, complimentary meals, lounge access, and beautiful views the entire way. A room usually costs between $300 and $400. A Greyhound bus from Philadelphia to Atlanta is a more affordable alternative at around $100 but it takes around 22 hours. Megabus also offers a Philadelphia to Atlanta bus with up to two trips per day that take about 18 hours.

Ready to become an Atlantan? With your relocation on the horizon, give us a call at Suburban Solutions to request your free moving estimate from the most trusted Philly to Atlanta movers!


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