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living in levittown

Is Living in Levittown PA for You? | 🏘️ Why Moving to Levittown PA is so Popular

Last Updated on: 11th January 2024, 08:25 pm

Just outside of Philadelphia is the planned community of Levittown, started in 1951 when the Levitt brothers purchased property. They were architects who built the original six models of homes. Since 1951, it’s become a blossoming Census-Designed Place (CDP) with apartments and newer homes as well. This was considered one of the first planned communities of its type. Levittown is also known to be one of the best places to live for families who value safety, quiet neighborhoods, and beautiful parks. As such, it is a nice place to live. If you’re thinking about moving to Levittown, Pennsylvania, here’s everything you have to look forward to.

Where Is Levittown Pennsylvania?

It’s 27 miles from Levittown to Philadelphia, PA. Levittown is a CDP planned community located in the southern part of Bucks County near the Delaware river. The city is considered to be one of the largest suburbs in the Philadelphia area near Upper Darby Township, Lower Merion Township, and Bensalem Township. Levittown is in Bucks County. Levittown is bordered by Tullytown to the west, Fairless Hills to the north, Hulmeville to the west, and Edgley to the south.

Levittown PA Population & Demographics

Levittown has a population of 52,699 people according to the 2020 Census, which is a slight decline from 52,983 in 2010. The median household income for Levittown is $85,364, which is about $20,000 higher than the national average. Philadelphia residents make around $50,000, so Levittown has one of the highest median salaries for the state of Pennsylvania. Levittown also has a younger population compared to nearby cities with just 15% of the population being 65 years or older. There are many young families living in the area, with about one-fifth of the population being 18 or younger. Notable people in Levittown include Eric Goldberg, Disney animator and director, and Robert Schooley, creator of Kim Possible.

The racial demographics of Levittown are 87.3% White, 8.6% Hispanic, 4.5% of two or more races, 1.9% Asian, and 0.1% American Indian.

Additional Levittown Demographics:

  • Median age: 40.2
  • Sex ratio: 51% female to 49% male
  • Homeownership rate: 84.4%
  • Educational attainment: 23.4% bachelor’s degree or higher, 92.5% high school grad or higher
  • Foreign-born population: 5.6%
  • Veteran population: 5.5%

Levittown, PA is a safe place to live. The crime rate in Levittown is 13% less crime than the national average. The Levittown crime rate is 2,034 crimes per 100,000 people and 390 violent crimes per 100,000. These statistics are almost identical to the Pennsylvania average. The Bristol Township Police Department devote their time to serve the Levittown area.

Cost of Living in Levittown

Levittown isn’t considered the most affordable place to live in Pennsylvania. The cost of living in Levittown is 15% more expensive to live in compared to other cities in Pennsylvania. By comparison, the Philadelphia cost of living is 10% higher than the national average, making it fairly similar to Levittown’s cost of living. Transportation, housing, and utilities are all higher than average, but you’ll find healthcare and groceries to be fairly inexpensive. According to the Economic Policy Institute, it costs $7,783 per month for a family of four to live in Levittown.

Housing is one of the biggest expenses you face while living in Levittown. The Levittown median home price is $328,000 or $211 per square foot, which was a 12.5% jump from last year due to the ever-increasingly competitive housing market. Homes in Levittown sell in around 23 days. You can check out Levittown, PA homes for sale to get an idea of how much homes cost in the Levittown area.

The average rent in Levittown is $1,526 for a 825 square foot one bedroom apartment according to RentCafe. Racquet Club Apartments and Townhomes is found right off the freeway in the heart of Levittown. They are one of the most popular apartment complexes in the area with choices of a one, two, or three-bedroom apartment. Rent in Levittown can vary from $1,385 to $2,600 a month depending on the apartment size.

Typical Levittown Living Expenses

  • Gallon of milk: $2.43
  • Loaf of white bread: $2.53
  • Monthly transportation pass: $38.00
  • Average Levittown utilities cost per month: $178.91
  • Monthly internet: $35.00

Source: Numbeo

Best Neighborhoods in Levittown, PA

Being one of the biggest suburbs in the Philadelphia area, Levittown has several different neighborhoods to choose from. You’ll find many HOA communities and neighborhoods without HOAs with home prices and amenities that vary significantly. Here are some of the best neighborhoods to live in Levittown depending on the lifestyle you’re looking for.

Appletree Hill – Single-Family Homes with a More Quiet Environment

Appletree Hill is located in the heart of Levittown and consists of many nice single-family homes for families looking for their first home. The average sale price of a home in Appletree Hill is $283,000. This neighborhood offers a slower pace of life, but it’s close to nearby restaurants and the small downtown area.

Indian Creek – Affordable, Family Friendly Neighborhood

Indian Creek has many homes for sale and is one of the bigger neighborhoods in Levittown with the highest number of available homes for sale. The homes are smaller with bigger front yards to play in during the summertime. Many young families live in Indian Creek and like to socialize with others in their neighborhood.

Farmbrook – Lively Neighborhood Perfect for Commuters

Farmbrook is a small, yet lively neighborhood that residents enjoy living in. There is a fun park nearby, where you will find many neighbors walking their dogs, playing basketball, and skipping on the playground during the day. The neighborhood is right next to the freeway, making it easy for residents to travel to their job each day.

Levittown, PA Weather & Climate

Levittown has a humid continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. The summers in Levittown have an average high temperature of 86°F and low temperature of 68°F.  Levittown gets pretty humid throughout the year, so it feels hotter than it is during the summertime.

The cold season lasts about 3 months, from December to March in Levittown. During the winter, the average daytime high in Levittown is 40 to 44°F. Levittown winters can get cold with temperatures dropping to 15°F to 20°F.

Adjusting to the winter weather in Levittown can be difficult if you aren’t used to colder weather. Levittown gets about 48 inches of rain and 14 inches of snow per year, so it is best to prepare for a wet season. Make sure you keep a winter coat and umbrella with you when you leave the house to better prepare.

Things to Do in Levittown


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Wondering what fun things there are to do in Levittown, PA? The city doesn’t just have great neighborhoods and schools, it has family-friendly and community-oriented activities as well!

There’s plenty of unique shops and malls to visit around Levittown like Levittown Town Center, Park Plaza, and Langhorne Square Shopping Center. Find groceries and other essentials at Walmart Supercenter, Ross Dress for Less, and ACME Markets.

Here are some of the most popular attractions in Levittown:

Driftwood Water Adventures

If you’re looking to head outdoors, then Driftwood Water Adventures is the place to visit! You and your loved ones can grab a paddle board and explore a 75 acre crystal clear lake where you will see various turtles, fish, and birds move amongst their natural habitat!

Driftwood Water Adventures, 9050 Millcreek Rd Levittown, PA 19054 (215) 260-2055

Levittown Lanes

A family-friend game of bowling is the best activity for a fun-filled night with your loved ones! No matter your age or skill set, everyone can have a good time enjoying food and spending time together at the bowling alley!

Levittown Lanes, 8815 New Falls Rd, Levittown, PA 19054 (215) 943-5610

Falls Township Community Park

If you’re looking for a relaxed afternoon, you can visit Falls Township Community Park. There, you can walk around the park and take your pet to the dog park, take your friends to the basketball courts and softball field, or take your skateboard to the skate park!

Falls Township Community Park, 9050 Mill Creek Rd, Levittown, PA 19054

Additional attractions in Levittown:

Looking for more things to do in Levittown? Levittown Parks manages 16 neighborhood and regional parks plus nature centers, overlooks, and trails. You can also check the City of Levittown events calendar to find upcoming events in the area!

Levittown PA Restaurants

You’ll find dozens of top-rated restaurants in Levittown, especially authentic Italian food. The city has several chain restaurants but you’ll appreciate the variety of family-owned restaurants.

Salvatore’s Cucina

The top-rated Italian restaurant in Levittown is a small, local eatery serving authentic Italian cuisine.

Salvatore’s Cucina, 1150 Bristol Oxford Valley Rd, Levittown, PA 19057 (215) 547-7000

Under the Pier


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If you like seafood, then you’ll want to make your way over to Under the Pier. They serve the best fish n chips, crab cakes, and oysters in the city!

Under the Pier, 7600 Bristol Pike, Levittown, PA 19057 (215) 945-9967

Kasdon’s Restaurant & Tavern

As one of the best restaurants in Levittown, you won’t want to miss out on this perfect place for date night. Grab delicious American food!

Kasdon’s Restaurant & Tavern, 8736 New Falls Rd, Levittown, PA 19054 (215) 547-0610

Jobs in Levittown

There are many job opportunities in Levittown. The city alone employs 27,200 people with the majority of jobs being in retail, health care, social assistance, and manufacturing. There are also many residents who commute to Philadelphia and other nearby cities for different job positions. Comcast and Aramark are one the biggest employers in the Levittown and the Philadelphia area.

Major employers in Levittown:

The average salary for Levittown residents is $59,000 or $18.02/hour. You can apply for Levittown jobs on Indeed here.

Levittown Schools & Higher Education

While living in Levittown, your children will be served by the Bristol Township School District. The district is known for preparing their students well for college and promoting personal involvement in clubs and activities.

There are several highly-ranked private schools nearby for your children to have the opportunity to accelerate in certain subjects they’re interested in. The Lawrenceville School, The Pennington School, and George School. You’ll also find amazing colleges nearby Levittown including Thomas Edison State University, Cairn University, and Penn State University. Students can also enjoy the Levittown Public Library for free.

Levittown Statistics & Information

  • County: Bucks
  • Levittown Area: 10.40 square miles
  • Levittown Zip Code: 19054, 19055, 19056, 19057, 19058
  • Levittown Area Code: 267
  • Levittown Elevation: 30 feet
  • Levittown Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)
  • Closest Airport: Trenton-Mercer (TTN), 8.5 miles from the city

Levittown PA Map

Explore the area and other fun attractions and restaurants with this map of Murfreesboro.

Are you moving to Levittown? Our Levittown moving team at Suburban Moving will help make your move a stress-free one! We’ll take care of everything from packing to transporting! Our award-winning team will be with you every step of the way. Give us a call at 610-314-6868 for a free quote!


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