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How to Narrow Down Moving Company Options

Not all moving companies offer high quality and professional services. You may have heard horror stories from others about hiring a moving company that led to frustration, and perhaps even disaster. A moving company can put a huge damper on the moving process by being late, damaging or losing your belongings, or failing to show up on moving day at all. By trusting one of the long distance moving companies Philadelphia, PA offers, you can rest assured that we understand just how crucial it is to be on-time and energized. Here are some ways to narrow down the right moving company for you:

  • Do plenty of research about the company (including yelp reviews and comments from previous customers).
  • Get a quote from each moving company and then compare prices. Be sure to contact the moving company directly, as reaching out to a third party can result in higher costs.
  • Ask each company if they are able to provide you with a couple references. It can be a huge red flag if they are unable to provide you with any.
  • Figure out the details regarding the moving schedule (is delivery date estimated, are the same movers helping along the way, are the costs based on per hour, and does the company take inventory lists?)
  • Check the cancellation policy, and be wary of companies that require payment in full up-front.

What to Expect on Moving Day

There are items movers recommend keeping with you during the big moving day. It may provide you with some relief to keep a box of the most essential or sentimental items with you on the way to the new home. Common items you may want to have on you to make things a little easier during the move include:

  • Food items (snacks, packaged meals)
  • Toilet paper and paper towels
  • A plug-in and car phone charger
  • A comfortable change of clothes
  • Things to entertain you during down time
  • Prescription medications
  • Birth certificates and social security cards

The Best Way to Pack Up a Home

Giving yourself plenty of time to get things organized prior to moving day can help prevent you from experiencing a huge amount of pressure and stress. If you do pack up a few boxes yourself, start with the room that you use the least, while saving the most essential space for very last. A moving professional can give you some useful tips as to the best ways to pack up your home. If you find yourself running out of time, reach out to us as soon as possible about how we can be of assistance.

Contact professional movers at Suburban Solutions today to learn more about your moving needs, and get you going with a price estimate. Save yourself the stress, and let your movers do the heavy hauling for you.


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