Five Useful Tools for Packing

If you plan on moving and have recently found your dream home, you have probably started to think about the easiest ways to pack your belongings and sentimental items. However, if you have lived in your current home for quite some time, you will begin to realize that there are far more items to pack than you had originally planned for. The task of moving a home can be a frightening idea, as many become overwhelmed when thinking about where to even begin. This is a common occurrence, but with the proper preparation taken into account beforehand, you will be able to make your next move much easier by equipping yourself with the right packing tools. That’s why, throughout this article, we will outline just a few key items you should possess to make packing as easy as possible.

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Permanent Markers

Permanent markers are arguably one of the most essential items to have while packing. Many first-time movers don’t consider using permanent markers to label their boxes, which will make the second half of your move much more stressful. To begin, simply label your boxes accordingly by which items are inside the box. To make unloading your moving truck even easier, you should also consider labeling which room of your new home the box should be placed in. This will make unpacking your boxes much easier, as all of your items will be placed in the rooms in which they belong, meaning that you won’t have to search for random boxes while placing items in your new home.

You should consider buying a package of permanent markers before you begin packing so that you can have backup markers if one were to get lost while packing. Not only does this ensure that you will have plenty of markers if one were to run out of ink, your friends or family members helping you pack will also be able to label boxes, making the moving process much quicker.

Brown Packing Paper

If you have valuable items that are made of glass, or have custom picture frames that you want to protect during your move, investing in brown packing paper will help keep your belongings safe and secure. Not only can you wrap your fragile items individually with brown packing paper, You can also place pieces of packing paper in between dishware and glasses, so that they do not become scratched or broken while in transit.

A cost-effective solution for protecting breakable items, you can find 15-foot rolls of brown packing paper at many major retail stores for less than two dollars! For this reason, you should view packing paper as an affordable investment that will pay you immediate returns. After unpacking all of your items at your new home, you can easily repurpose packing paper for wrapping items that you plan on shipping through the mail.

Packing Tape

One of the most crucial items while relocating, packing tape is used in almost every instance of moving. Whether you need to seal the top of a moving box, or tape the edges of heavier moving boxes for improved durability, there are a wide variety of ways you can use packing tape to your advantage. If you are using a moving truck while relocating, there is even more of a reason to use packing tape to secure the openings of your boxes, as items can easily shift or fall while driving from one location to another. If your boxes are not secure before departure, you may find yourself cleaning up items that have fallen out of their box during transit.

While packing tape is fairly cheap to buy in rolls, investing in a tape gun will cut down your packing time immensely. Instead of being burdened by manually tearing packing tape or cutting tape with scissors, you can simply use the serrated edge of a tape gun to tear your packing tape, saving you time and frustration.

Bubble Wrap

If you are searching for a way to provide maximum protection to expensive items or extremely valuable heirlooms, bubble wrap should be one of the main packing items you should use. Since bubble wrap offers an optimal level of protection for objects, much less of it will need to be used while moving. You can find smaller rolls of bubble wrap which are great for wrapping a select few items, however, if you plan on moving an entire home, buying bubble wrap in bulk will save you a significant amount of money which can be used for other packing materials.

If you plan on wrapping your electronic devices in a layer of bubble wrap, you should consider finding an anti-static bubble wrap that will not be able to discharge static electricity. Items like personal computers can become damaged by static electricity. In fact, many individuals who build computers will use anti-static wrist straps so that they can assemble their computer safely without damaging internal components. This is why it is important to have anti-static bubble wrap at your disposal if you need to safely pack electronics without worry.


Packing blankets in moving boxes can take up precious room that you could be using for other items. As a large box can only hold three to four blankets at most, it would not make sense to make use of your space so poorly. Instead, you should consider using your blankets as extra padding between valuable devices such as TVs, stereos, or other breakable items that are high in value. Once you have unloaded your moving truck, you can simply throw your blankets in a washing machine to restore them back to their original condition.

Comforters, plush throw blankets, or even towels can be used to act as an additional barrier between the items you wish to protect. This handy technique will make extra room in your packing boxes, allowing you to safely store many other items that may break or become damaged without being placed in a moving box.

These are just a few useful items that will make your packing experience much more enjoyable. With the proper packing tools at your disposal, you will notice how much easier it is to make efficient use of your time while organizing and loading your valuable possessions onto your moving truck. If you require moving assistance in Washington, D.C. or the Greater New York area, contact our team of professionals today at Suburban Solutions. We’ve safely and successfully helped a number of individuals relocate their belongings, and continue to do so today. Visit our website now to learn more or to request your custom moving quote!


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