Best Practices For Hiring a Moving Company

Who is the best moving company in Washington, DC

Moving anywhere can be extremely stressful, whether it is only across town or if you need to move across the country. Thankfully, there are a few solutions for making this process much easier for you. For example, many people cite some of the most stressful parts of moving as the packing and the actual moving part. If you can find a reliable moving company, however, they can remove a great deal of this stress from your shoulders. How do you find the right moving team, though? Is it enough to go off the recommendation of your friends and family? What if you do not have anyone to recommend a moving service to you? Should you look up companies online and see what their reviews and ratings are? While these are both solid places to start, you should also have a thorough checklist to review as you speak with estimators and interview moving companies. Below, you will find great tips for who is the best moving company in Washington, DC, such as Suburban Solutions, that can help with your move.

Tip #1. Always Ask Around. Some of your best and most reliable resources will be your friends and family. They may have very valuable first-hand experiences and can give you a list of movers that worked very well for them or that ripped them off. References are an important part of finding a moving company that is best suited for you, so if you don’t have friends’ or family’s recommendations, ask for references when you interview the moving company.

Tip #2. Avoid Large Deposits. When you let any strangers into your home, you want to know that they are reputable people. If they demand a large deposit up front, however, flee. You should pay for moving services upon delivery of your items—all of your items—and paying in advance can encourage the movers to lose the incentive to do the job well.

Tip #3. Have the Movers Conduct a Walk-through. If your movers fail to do a walk-through of your home, or if they conduct one far too quickly, they may not be fully prepared to move your items properly. When you speak with the moving estimator, it should be clear which items go in the truck and which items you are reserving for donations or leaving behind.

Tip #4. Save Money On Packing Costs. When your movers do your packing for you, the price can jump up extraordinarily high. If you prefer to save the money, you can pack the items yourself, but know that the movers will not be responsible if the packing process damages your items. Packing prices can go up based on labor, boxes, and packing materials.

Tip #5. Always Report a Problem. If there are any problems with the moving company you used, you should report it and file an insurance claim. There is typically a time limit on submitting a claim and report, though, so check the time limit and do so in a timely manner.


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