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Best Neighborhoods in Washington, DC to raise a family

Best DC Neighborhoods for Families 👪 | 9 Washington DC Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family

Last Updated on: 11th January 2024, 08:25 pm

Washington, DC, is known for being the Capital of the United States and where many high-ranking politicians (like the President) live and work. Washington was named after one of our founding fathers, George Washington, and the national female personification, Columbia. Along with Washington being the political hub of our nation, it’s also one of the best cities in the US to raise a family. According to NBC, Washington DC is ranked the 6th best city in America.  

Finding a neighborhood that fits the unique needs of your family can be difficult, but when searching in DC, you’ll find there are tons of options. The best way to pinpoint if a neighborhood will fulfill your needs is by asking yourself questions. For example,

  • Does the neighborhood have good schools?
  • Are the streets walkable? What type of amenities does it offer?
  • How is the education system?
  • Are Washington, DC suburbs family-friendly?
  • Will you be commuting to work?
  • Is the crime rate low?

Once you decide what attributes matter most to you, formulating your list of must-haves will be easy! For now, browse the list of family-friendly, low-crime neighborhoods in Washington, DC, we’ve formulated.



Columbia Heights | Affordable Washington DC Neighborhood

Columbia Heights is an affordable Washington, DC Neighborhood. While DC doesn’t have many affordable neighborhoods, Columbia Heights has all the wonderful attributes of a family-friendly place to raise a family in Washington, DC, minus the costly housing market and the average cost of living like other DC neighborhoods.

Columbia Heights is best known for its diversity, walkability, and proximity to convention amenities like DC USA Shopping Center and child-friendly attractions, lake Powell Recreation Center and Columbia Heights Green. Something that sets Columbia Heights apart from other Washington, DC neighborhoods is its tight-knit community—there are numerous neighborhood gardens and parks.

Georgetown | Best Schools in Washington DC

Despite Georgetown being founded in 1751 and is one of the oldest areas in Washington DC (and the US), that’s not to take away from its outstanding attributes. Georgetown is gleaming with historical richness, beautiful historic homes, and safer streets than the US average.

Georgetown is small, but it packs a punch; you’ll have everything your family needs. Georgetown has various shopping centers, libraries, stores, parks, and restaurants; you’ll seldom have to venture out of your new neighborhood.

The top attractions in Georgetown are Georgetown Waterfront Park, Montrose Park, and the Washington National Cathedral.

If all that isn’t enough to make you want to move to one of the best neighborhoods in Washington, DC for families, Georgetown is also in an excellent school district.

The top schools in Georgetown, Washington:

Chevy Chase | Best Neighborhood in Washington DC for Families

Chevy Chase is a picture-perfect neighborhood ideal for Washington DC families. Chevy Chase has compared to the neighborhood of “The Andy Griffith Show ” Mayberry. This affluent, family-friendly Washington neighborhood sits on the northeast end of the city and borders Maryland. There are 3,956 family households in Chevy Chase!

With a low crime rate, an exceptional walkability score, and proximity to kid-friendly activities and excursions, Chevy Chase is one of the best neighborhoods in Washington, DC, for families.

Best things to do near Chevy Chase: 

Glover Park | Low Crime Neighborhood in Washington DC

Glover Park is located in northwest Washington, DC, near various shops and neighboring cities—Glover Park is exceptionally walkable. Along with its various parks and shopping center, Glover Park is near numerous historic landmarks, such as the United States Naval Observatory and the Vice President’s Mansion. Your children’s minds will never grow tired or weary when living in such a historic neighborhood.

The crime rate is low and the historic homes are exceptionally beautiful in this DC neighborhood.

Woodley Park | Most Walkable Neighborhood in Washington DC

Woodley Park is smack in the middle of some of the nicest neighborhoods in D.CFor example, just a few blocks down the road from Woodley Park lives Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan.

Besides its exceptional cuisine, hip-urban vibe, and quinte cafes, Woodley Park is known for being one of the greenest neighborhoods in DC (when the seasons permit.) Not only are you within walking distance from two of the city’s main attractions, the Smithsonian National Zoological Park and Rock Creek Park, but the streets are also exceptionally safe and walkable.

While the cost of living is high in this area of Washington, DC, it’s also crucial to consider its low crime rate, great school district, and proximity to the city’s amenities. Overall, Woodley Park would be an exceptional choice, and we’re sure your family would think so too. 

The Palisades |  Most Kid-Friendly Neighborhood in Washington, DC

Located along the Potomac River, Palisades is the epitome of family-friendly neighborhoods in Washington, DC. It is also near Georgetown University and DC Maryland boundary.

There are a few attributes that deem the Palisades such a great Washington DC neighborhood to raise a family. For example, Palisades is located on family-friendly excursions like The Kreeger Museum and The William I Jacobs Recreational Complex

While the prices are higher than the average in Washington, DC neighborhood, the Palisades has a low crime rate, a good school district, and sidewalks throughout, making it a great place for your children to walk, bike, or skate around. The parks in the Palisades are some of the best in DC; check out Battery Kemble Park with the kiddos. The Palisades has some of the lowest crime in the entire Columbia District, 34% lower than the District’s average.

Friendship Heights | Most Conveniently Located Neighborhood in Washington, DC

Friendship Heights is an urban and residential neighborhood in northwest Washington, DC. It’s also a part of Southern Montgomery County, Maryland.

It’s best known for its convenient proximity to family-friendly activities such as Rock Creek Park and Smithsonian National Zoological Park. While most of the neighborhoods listed are single-family homes, most homes in friendship heights are apartments or townhomes. Friendship Heights is so close to Chevy Chase, the neighborhood listed above, that some parts of Friendship Heights are considered Chevy Chase.

Browse the housing market in Friendship Heights; see for yourself that it’s one of the best Washington, DC, neighborhoods for families.

Colonial Village | Safest Neighborhood in Washington DC

Colonial Village is one of the safest neighborhoods in Washington, DC with one of the lowest crime rates of most neighborhoods (even the most affluent ones), Colonial Village is certainly a great place to raise a family; most homes are colonial-style, resulting in a vintage yet timeless appearance. Colonial Village is one of the most highly-renowned and top-rated area neighborhoods in Washington DC. Some homes have swimming pools, which makes for great activities for the kids during the warmer months, and during the winter, Washington DC is equipped with plenty of winter-time activities.

Numerous attributes deem this an excellent area to live in; here are a few that its current residents love to partake in.

Massachusetts Heights | Affluent Washington DC Neighborhood

Massachusetts Heights is the most affluent and wealthy neighborhood in Washington, DC. It’s also the perfect place to raise a family thanks to its exceptional school district, walkability, low crime, and proximity to family-friendly amenities like the Smithsonian National Zoological Park.

The best part of Massachusetts Heights is that 50.49% of its residents are family households, meaning your children should have plenty of kids to play with.

If you’re considering relocating your family to Washington, DC, you have numerous great neighborhoods to choose from; while some are better than others, we took the time to formulate a well-defined list of some of the top neighborhoods for Washington, DC, families. To ensure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible, call Suburban Solutions at 301-928-8669 for your moving needs.


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