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Top Interior Designers & Decorators in Philadelphia | [list, map, tips]

Last Updated on: 11th January 2024, 08:26 pm

When you have space you need to decorate, or redecorate, you may be at a loss of what to do. Some decor seems nice, but then you buy it, bring it home, and when it’s all put together, it looks horrible. Turns out, decorating isn’t as easy as it seems. And that’s where hiring an interior designer in Philadelphia comes into play. There are lots of reasons people hire interior designers and interior decorators. Maybe your office space needs a refresh to be more inviting to clients. Perhaps there are areas of your home that need updating. Whatever the reason, making changes to your home or office is a fun process. You can try to do it yourself, but once you get started, it can feel overwhelming. Not to mention, it can be expensive and stressful too. If you want the best-looking home on the block, you’re going to need some help. Interior designers in Philadelphia all have their own vibe, and you have to find the one that works best for you. With so many different styles, if you choose the wrong interior designer, you could end up with a house that looks great, but doesn’t feel like home. So, who should you hire?

Interior Designer Vs. Decorator

People often use the terms “interior designer” and “interior decorator” interchangeably, and while there is some overlap in their roles, the two are very different. Interior designers work with the spatial design and function of rooms and buildings. They work with contractors and architects to achieve what a client is looking for. Special schooling, and in some states, credentials are required to become an interior designer. They’re best to hire when you need a large-scale project, like commercial buildings or an entire home to fit into a certain “vibe.”

On the other hand, interior decorators do not deal with any structural elements. Instead, they are charged with improving the aesthetics of interior spaces. Interior decorators focus on colors, textures, and furnishings. No special schooling is required to become an interior designer. Anyone could be an interior decorator. Interior decorators are great when you need your house or apartment decorated. They can help you make sure your style stays consistent throughout your home. The good news is that interior design firms offer interior decor services! If you’re looking for a Philadelphia interior designer or decorator because you’re moving to or within the Philadelphia area, make sure you’re working with the best rated professional moving company to help with your relocation!

Best Philadelphia Designers & Decorators

Looking for top-rated Philadelphia designers in Philadelphia? Check out our list of the most popular decorators in Philadelphia.

Shop House Design | Full-Scale Architectural Interiors

The Shop House team of designers have experience in fashion and interiors and apply it to create a unique blend of upscale, classically modern, engaging interiors that focus on architectural details. The skilled team collaborates with a long list of exceptional artisans, architects, builders, and trades to ensure your interior design project is handled from start to finish: the wish list, concept sketch, construction, and installation.

Browse their online gallery to see examples of their breathtaking designs and start getting ideas for your project.

1845 Walnut Street, Suite No. 802, Philadelphia, PA 19103, 215-575-5945

Michelle Gage Interior Design | Full-Service Design Firm

After serving as a buyer for a lifestyle brand operating 200 women’s apparel, accessories, and home decor stores worldwide, Michelle took her design passion and started Michelle Gage Interiors in 2015. She loves helping clients discover their design style and helps create beautiful homes that reflect each client’s unique personality and lifestyle with beautiful furniture and accessories that look like they’ve been naturally curated over time.

Michelle Gage is a full-service interior design firm that eliminates decision paralysis and helps you from the design concept through space planning, furniture selection, architectural detailing, and professional art installation. To see examples of designs, visit the online portfolio.

1040 W Lancaster Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA, 19010, 610-772-3361.

Widell + Boschetti | Boutique Up-and-Comers

Barette Widell and Christina Boschetti are the visionaries behind the boutique interior design firm Widell + Boschetti. They’re well known for their signature approach of mixing modern and traditional styles with bold colors and patterns. By making unexpected decisions, W+D creates soothing and unique interiors that your guests won’t soon forget. Their breathtaking work has resulted in a growing business built solely by word-of-mouth recommendations and social media. If you like clean, modern designs, you can’t go wrong with their offerings.

(267) 702-3820

down2earth Interior Design | Eco-Friendly Schematic Design

If you’re looking for interior design advice that keeps sustainability in mind, head to down2earth Interior Design. Led by Amy Cuker, who has over 20 years of experience and is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional, down2earth works closely with clients to create front-end designs that can be used contractors, or the clients themselves if they are interested in taking a DIY approach. Though down2earth is not a start-to-finish project management firm, they offer clients exceptional design development and implementation direction, as well as sourcing and repurposing advice. It’s what has helped them earn their reputation as one of the top Philadelphia interior decorators.

7604 Spring Avenue, Elkins Park, PA, (215) 690-4328

Michael Shannon Designs | Clean and Eclectic Philadelphia Designers

If you’re looking for a practical yet modern approach to your space, look no further than Michael Shannon Designs. He and his team have served as some of the best Philadelphia interior designers for over 20 years. Each Michael Shannon space is unique, and eclectic, with clean lines and cheerful colors throughout. This firm handles projects small or large, from private residences to large commercial spaces and educational institutions. Don’t have the budget for a full-on design team, or just have a few questions? Michael Shanon Designs also offers “Design Source.” This a la carte service lets clients simply confer with a designer as needed. They’ll offer advice and leads that only someone in the industry can give, and all without breaking the bank!

1315 Walnut Street Suite 1301 Philadelphia PA 19107, (215) 717-1094

Mona Ross Berman Interiors | Full-Service Philadelphia Design

Mona Ross Berman and her team deal with projects of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a ground-up build, gut renovation, or just a room redo, Mona and her experienced team can help. She mixes geometric patterns, clean lines, ultra-modern lighting and pops of color in unexpected ways to create imaginative, comfortable spaces. The range of style in her portfolio shows that she can breathe new life into any space with any style, from minimalist to over-the-top and everywhere in between. Her work has been featured in print and web publications from Philadelphia Magazine to HGTV to the Wall Street Journal. If you want an interior decorator in Philadelphia that can showcase expertise in every style, this is who to call.

116 Shurs Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19127, (215) 680-5953

Groundswell Design Group | Expert Commercial and Landscape Design

If you’re looking to revamp or rebuild your office, restaurant, or pop up event, Groundswell is the place to turn to. This full-service firm employs a team of top landscape architects, craftspeople, designers and builders. Led by Florida International University’s Department of Architecture graduate David Fierabend, Groundswell’s work is modern with a rustic touch, creating spaces that feel lived in and comfortable. Groundswell has worked on projects from residential spaces to cafes to entire outdoor spaces including the Spruce Street Harbor Park, Robert C. Valade Park, and the East Market Street mixed-use space.

1639 N Hancock St Suite 407, Philadelphia, PA 19122, (267) 544-5661

Tallulah & Bird | Philadelphia Design with a Touch of Whimsy

Led by Karen Regan, Tallulah & Bird has been elevating residential and commercial spaces as interior decorators in Philadelphia since 2010. Her style mixes whimsical vintage pieces with modern rustic textures. Her own home, which is featured in her portfolio, is as if a French chateau was dropped into Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Though there are hints of ornate luxury throughout her spaces, all her work is still down to earth and livable. Karen and her team offer planning, sourcing, styling and more.

(215) 704-1082

Michele Plachter Design | Livable Luxury Designer

If you’re looking for luxury that doesn’t overwhelm, you’re looking for Michele Platchter. Self-taught designer Michele has been transforming rooms, primary homes and vacation homes for the who’s who of Philadelphia for over 20 years. Michele truly earned her first place spot at the 2020 Interior Design Awards. Her style is fresh, modern, and functional. She plays with pattern in fun ways, juxtaposing floral against geometric, matte against shine, modern against traditional. If you want a space that impresses, Michele Platchter will give you what you want and more. and has recently expanded into small commercial projects.

709 Walnut Street, Suite 2F, Philadelphia, PA 19106, (215) 518-9912

Henck Design | Classic Modern Design Firm with Feng Shui Touch

If Philadelphia designer Christina Henck looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen her before! She’s been working with Drew and Johnathan Scott of the Property Brothers for several years. She is known for her “classic modern” style that blends the old and the new. Henck also practices Feng Shui, so you know your space will be spatially balanced. She balances bold colors and textures with clean lines, and ultra-modern touches with traditional pieces to create truly unique rooms and homes.

733 S 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, (215) 239-3045

Map of Philadelphia Designers & Decorators

Are you looking for Philadelphia interior designers and interior decorators because you’re relocating your home or business to or within Philadelphia? Let Suburban Solutions help get you moved with ease! We know what it takes to relocate your home, office, or storefront with no stress. Call us today at (610-314-6868 to get started on your free quote!


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