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5 Packing Tips To Help Make Moving Easier

MoversIt is always exciting to move to a new home, advancing to your next chapter in life. Whether you are moving to a bigger home, downsizing, or making a lateral move that allows for a different lifestyle, the adventure is just beginning.

However, the process of moving is a task most people dread. Packing becomes a chore worse than “doing windows.” There are always questions relating to how to pack, what to pack, and the most efficient way to pack to make the move as easy as possible.

Here are five packing tips that will help you in your struggle, making the process of moving a bit less complicated.

1. Reinforce Your Boxes And Do Not Leave Any Empty Room

One of the biggest problems people experience when moving is the box collapsing from the bottom, sides, or top, ruining whatever may be inside.

To prevent this issue from occurring, make sure you reinforce your packing boxes. The best method would be to utilize packing tape along the inside of the sides and bottom of the box, creating a seal along any potential edges. In addition, fill each box completely to ensure it does not cave in at the top under the pressure of other boxes which may be packed on top of each other.

2. Use The Correct Boxes And Follow Directions

Packing boxes come with directions (sort of.)

Most boxes, whether they are designed for moving or picked up at your local grocer or liquor store, have a maximum capacity printed on the bottom. In order to protect your items and yourself from harm, determine the maximum capacity of the box and adhere to it when packing your items.

3. Label Your Boxes Properly

Labeling your boxes properly can help make the unloading of your moving truck and unpacking simple.

Use a color coded system that indicated room, items, and even whether the items are fragile. Utilize waterproof writing and labeling materials to make sure the weather cannot affect the readability of the labels. Make sure you indicate the room and items for the box. Finally, do not forget to label if items in a box are fragile and/or valuable.

4. Take Extra Care For Fragile Items

Fragile items are often the bane of any mover’s existence. However, there is a method that will help make sure these items are safe during your move.

First, fragile items should be packed in the small to medium boxes. They should never be overloaded. Line the boxes with crumpled paper to provide extra cushioning at the bottom. Then, wrap each individual item in packing paper. Dishes should be packed standing upright to provide additional protection. Make sure to properly label the boxes as fragile.

5. Make Sure You Give Yourself Time To Pack

In order to ensure you do not leave anything behind, be prepared when packing. Packing a home takes time. A two to three bedroom home or apartment will likely take about a week to fully pack. The kitchen will likely take the most time to pack as many of the items are fragile. Do not rush through the process, as that is how items break or get left behind.

Moving can be both exciting and stressful. It is important to be prepared and take your time to make sure you move is as smooth as possible. If you are in need of help with packing and moving, call the experts at Suburban Solutions at 1-888-Sub-Solv (1-888-782-7658).


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