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Apartment Mover Media, PAPerhaps more people than ever before are now considering hiring an apartment mover to haul their belongings from the old place, to the new in Media, Pennsylvania. There are many reasons why people may be opting out of doing the packing, lifting and transporting themselves. In today’s society, we may find ourselves rushing to and from without extra hours to take on a time-consuming project like moving. By hiring professional apartment movers from Suburban Solutions in Media, PA, not only may someone be saving time and energy, but also preventing enduring an injury such as a sprain, pulled muscle, broken bone, mild concussion, or overexertion.

Here we have answered several questions a person may have about what a moving company offers, and the various benefits for hiring professionals to do the hefty hauling out of your apartment for you.

Can a moving company do the packing for me?

The majority of moving companies may offer a service to do the packing for you. Moving professionals understand how things fit together, and may end up using less boxes than if you were to pack things yourself. With less boxes to haul, that means it may cost you less money as well, since moving companies often calculate their prices based on how long and how much stuff you have to move.

What materials may the movers have access to, that I don’t?

Apartment movers in our Media, PA location have many tools to help make the moving process run smoothly, in addition to keeping your stuff damage-free. For example, the professionals may have heavy duty wrap, plastic covers, floor dolly, hand truck, straps, moving blankets/pads, shrink wrap, ramps, rope, standard tools and more. The cost to purchase or rent all of this equipment may be too steep for the average person. And, if a person does not know how to properly use these tools, they could end up injuring themselves and having to hire help anyway.

What injuries could I sustain if I do the moving myself?

It is not uncommon for people who decide to move belongings themselves, to end up with more than just a few cuts and bruises. Back injuries are a fairly prevalent injury, as people quickly forget the rules of lifting and carrying items safely. Our professional apartment movers know how to safely lift and carry items up and down the potential stairs at an apartment complex.  A person can easily get injured moving out of or into an apartment if they do not abide by these moving safety tips:

  • Never curve your back when picking up boxes. Instead, use your legs and keep your back straight as you lift a box or item up from the ground
  • Spend some time clearing walkways of debri, curled carpets, or other objects as to prevent from tripping and falling when carrying boxes
  • Stretch before and after each moving session
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is not so baggy as to catch on corners
  • Do not lift items that seem just a little bit out of your range, and try to pack boxes that are no more than 25 pounds
  • Stay hydrated, eat healthy food and get plenty of sleep in preparation for moving day

By hiring Suburban Solutions, you will have a team of dedicated and experienced apartment movers for your move in Media, PA. Our team is trained to move your items carefully to ensure they arrive safely to your new home, as well as our team staying safe and you never having to worry about getting injured. For peace of mind and the assurance of an easy move, contact Suburban Solutions today.

Client Review

“I needed movers with short notice and Suburban Solutions was able to get me the help I needed at a reasonable price. Brian and Mike kept communication flowing and responded to emails quickly. The guys who came to the house arrived earlier than was predicted (which was good because rain was on the way) and were courteous and quick, but most importantly they were very strong and careful with my furniture. I couldn’t have been happier with them.”
Pamela D.
Client Review

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